Alexis Ohanian mother Anke Ohanian: Everything you need to know

Anke Ohanian was the late mother of celebrity Alexis Ohanian. Celebrity mother Anke Ohanian died. Many people know her son, an inventor, from Reddit and initialized. In addition, he is recognized for influencing celebrities like Serena Williams’ hubby.

Alexis Ohanian is a wealthy entrepreneur and investor who rarely discusses his beginnings. He regularly talks about his parents and childhood. The following article illuminates all known facts about Alexis Ohanian parents, Chris and Anke Ohanian.

You’ll learn about his parents’ various cultural origins, their “meet-cute,” and almost every aspect of Mr. and Mrs. Ohanian’s marriage as you read on. Read the complete article immediately to avoid missing out on this opportunity. 

Who is Anke Ohanian?

Pharmacy technician Anke Ohanian is a volunteer. She was born in Hamburg, Germany. Her family was Jewish. She was born and raised in Germany, where she followed Christ’s teachings and participated in all Christian rituals. Her brother is Wolfgang Prigge. The Prigge family name. We didn’t learn anything about the famous celebrity mother until it was too late because she died young. 

Anke met Alexis’ father, Chris J. Ohanian, in Ireland in 1974. After dating for years, the couple emigrated to the US and married in 1980.

Google has well-covered Anke Ohanian.

She moved from Ireland to America. Anke has been a Howard County General Hospital chemist since 1993. Additionally, she has helped in Howard County public school classrooms. Anke Ohanian, who died in 2015, was the mother of Alexis Ohanian, one of the most successful online entrepreneurs and co-founder and executive chairman of Reddit.

Anke was driven to help others in addition to her chemistry job. She volunteered at Howard County public schools and animal welfare charities. She also worked as a scientist at Howard County General Hospital for over 15 years.

Quick information about Anke Ohanian

Full NameAnke Ohanian
Date of BirthUnknown
Net worth$3 million
Height5 feet and 4 inches
Hair ColorBlack
Eye colorBlack
RelationshipMarried to Chris Ohanian
ChildrenAlexis Ohanian
Grand Children nameAlexis Olympia Ohanian Jr


She attended pharmacy school after graduating high school to work in the pharmaceutical sector.  Alexis was Frank in his mother’s career. He clearly said that his mother worked in medicine and pharmacies. He said she went to pharmacy technician school to improve her pharmaceutical talents because she was raised in Hamburg. She also attended and graduated from Hamburg primary, secondary, and college institutions.


No height information is available for her. We estimated her height at 5’4″ from the photos. Apart from that, we cannot determine her weight. Her face was dark and she had dark hair and eyes, which are Jewish traits. She died in 2015 from a brain tumour. Lack of knowledge prevents us from knowing her birth specifics. We found no information regarding the row seat’s Zodiac sign.

Anke Ohanian Net worth

It appears that Anke Ohanian was a successful chemist before her death. In addition, she and her hubby had created a good financial environment. Both parents were wealthy merchants who gave their children enough money to start out. notwithstanding the lack of online net worth statistics. After researching several sources, we estimated her worth at $3 million when she died. Despite her death and leaving her family financially responsible, her son and his husband appear to be using her assets.

The Ohanians moved to Ellicott City, Maryland in 1986

Alexis with her mother and father

The couple’s sole child, Alexis Ohanian, was born in NYC on April 24, 1983. This was three years after their wedding. At first, the three-person family in Brooklyn was happy and fulfilled. Chris and Anke moved to Ellicott City, Maryland, three years after their son was born.

Additionally, Anke Ohanian died at their Ellicott City home. Even if Alexis Ohanian’s father may not reside there, we want to assume that his childhood home is still surviving.

Anke Ohanian died from what caused her death

In 2005, the mother of the American investor was diagnosed with a brain tumour. In 2008, 54-year-old Anke was buried in Columbia, Maryland. 

Who is Alexis Ohanian?

US-born Armenian Alexis Ohanian is a successful web entrepreneur and investor. Reddit co-founder and executive chairman is his most famous role. Ohanian is 39. His partnership with Serena Williams, the Greatest Player of All Time, is well known. Alexis helped create Reddit, a popular social network.

Serena Williams is Alexis’ wife and Olympia is their adorable baby. Alexis married tennis sensation Serena Williams.

The public recognizes him with his wife’s help. The legendary tennis player Serena Williams is his wife. Many Reddit users aren’t aware he co-founded the site. Though widely known, few know that he became a billionaire at 23.

Christopher Ohanian, Alexis’ father, is Armenian; Early Life

Alexis Ohanian father is Christopher John Ohanian, known as Chris. His father is Armenian by birth. According to accounts, Mr. Ohanian’s parents emigrated to America and survived the Armenian Genocide. Infinity Global Travel is his Taneytown business and Maryland residence. At first, they were helpless people seeking sanctuary in the vast United States.

Speaking of his refugee grandparents, Chris Ohanian’s parents, John Avedis Ohanian and Elizabeth Der Krikorian immigrated to America with their young son. John, his grandpa, was an Armenian emigrant from Harput, while his grandmother was from Marseille, France.

Late Mother Anke Ohanian Was a German

Along with his father, Alexis’s mother, Anke Ohanian, had a fascinating past. Her maiden name was “Priggie”. Her family was German, hence she was German by blood. She also grew up in Hamburg.

Anke was talented, smart, and well-read as a child. The late Mrs. Ohanian studied pharmacy in her hometown after finishing school. She afterward moved to America for better possibilities.  

Love of Alexis Ohanian about his mother

Alexander Ohanian honored his late mother on Mother’s Day on social media on Sunday, May 14. He posted a touching photo of himself as a child with Anke and the plaque from the chair he presented to the University of Virginia in her honour.

Ohanian hoped his mother would be proud of Seven Seven Six (776), his venture capital firm, in his moving tribute. He added that she would have loved being a grandmother twice. Ohanian tweeted:

Key takeaways about Alexis Ohanian 

  • His parents moved to Ellicott City, Maryland, three years after his birth, where Mrs. Ohanian died.
  • His father runs International Global Travels. The firm is 24 years old.
  • His mother worked as a Howard County General Hospital pharmacy technician for 20 years. She also volunteered.
  • Anke Ohanian died of a brain tumor on March 15, 2008.
  • His father, Chris Ohanian, remarried in 2023 and is living. 

Who is Serena Williams?

Tennis prodigy Alexis was apparently dating Serena Williams in October 2015. On December 29, 2016, Serena and Alexis announced their engagement after dating privately for nearly a year. They married in November 2017 after having a daughter in September 2017.

Early in 2023, the couple announced their second pregnancy. The family lives in Florida. Alexis Ohanian bought a Brooklyn property for $1.245 million in 2011. He sold it for $2.3 million in 2022.

Serena Williams will have a second child with Alexis Ohanian

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian are expecting their second child. The 23-time Grand Slam champion and Ohanian confirmed the wonderful news on the 2023 Met Gala red carpet. Williams also Instagrammed heartwarming photographs.

“Was so excited when Anna Wintour invited the 3 of us to the Met Gala,” Serena Williams captioned her Instagram image.

Ohanian also announced the exciting news on social media. He said that Olympia, their first daughter, would make a great big sister because she had been wanting one for a while.

“Mama & Papa love this parenting thing, so we’re back at it and @olympiaohanian will be the best Big Sister — she’s been asking & praying for this for a minute,” Alexis Ohanian posted.

Was Anke Ohanian’s Instagram account online before she died? 

She used social media, which is controversial. We found other social media accounts with her name during our inquiry. None of those accounts, however, belonged to her, and the majority were fan accounts. Her son is a social media organizer and founder himself. His parents, whom he has mentioned multiple times, do not use any social media network. As a result, if you want to discover more about her and her prior life, you can follow her on Twitter. We recommend checking out her son’s Instagram account, as he continues to write about his late mother.

People also asked (FAQs)

Is His Father Christopher Alive?

Ohanian’s father is living. Christoper John has a healthy and happy life in Ellicott. He is also a proud owner of a 24-year-old travel company he plans to keep. Chris Ohanian will be almost 69/70 in 2023, a happy elderly man and proud father! 

Additionally, Chris appears to have remarried. Although we don’t know his second wife’s name or when and where they wedded.

Alexis and Serena met how?

The tennis star met Alexis at the Cavalieri Hotel in Rome, where she was staying with a friend. Their meeting was like a romantic comedy. Alexis was speaking at a tech event at the same hotel.

Does Serena have a child?

Yes. Olympia, Reddit co-founder Serena’s 5-year-old daughter, was born in 2017. She is the only child of two American celebrities.

Who is Serena’s mother-in-law?

The late pharmacy worker Anke Ohanian, mother of Alexis Ohanian, was Serena Williams’ mother-in-law. Alexis and Serena had their daughter Olympia. 

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