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In the realm of social media and the TikTok sphere, Ethan Garcia stands as a veritable phenomenon. He emerges as one of the most coveted influencers of our era, with an online presence that resonates profoundly. Garnering a staggering 1.2 million ardent followers and consistently amassing millions of views on his videos, he undeniably wields considerable influence. You can locate his TikTok profile under the moniker ‘3t1nn.’

Ethan’s content revolves around the art of relatability. He possesses an innate talent for crafting lip-sync performances that impeccably synchronize with the trendiest and most in-vogue soundtracks of the moment. It’s a genre of content that immerses you in the experience, making you feel as if you are an integral part of the revelry and the ambiance.

However, what truly distinguishes Ethan is his penchant for collaborative ventures. He doesn’t restrict himself to solo endeavors; he ardently embraces partnerships with fellow luminaries of TikTok. This not only infuses a splendid dynamism into his content but also broadens his sphere of influence, propelling his popularity to soaring altitudes. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that his name resonates ubiquitously across the TikTok landscape, earning the admiration of all who traverse this digital realm.

Who Is Ethan Garcia?

Ethan Garcia, a figure of notable distinction, has garnered considerable acclaim through his sequences of transformation and comedic skits. His distinctive fusion of wit and an effervescent persona has endeared him to an expansive assemblage of admirers. While he abstains from the domains of Twitter and YouTube, he has unearthed his genuine vocation on alternative social networking platforms.

Hailing from the locale of Madera, California, Ethan transcends the conventional archetype of a high school pupil. He manifests as an authentic aficionado of sporting endeavors and radiates as a luminous luminary on the playing field. Whether it pertains to the discipline of sprinting or the ardor of soccer, he unfailingly proffers a performance of the utmost calibre. It is indeed a spectacle to behold the equilibrium he maintains between his academic pursuits, ardency for athletic feats, and ascension to virtual prominence.

Yet, what confers an even greater degree of intrigue is the panorama of his existence away from the lens. He revels in the companionship of confidants, a number of whom share the distinction of TikTok luminary. It seems as if a congregation of burgeoning talents ensues when they congregate.

Ethan embodies a living testament to the tenets of aspiration and ambition. Despite his tender years, he nurtures grandiose aspirations, and he remains resolute in the pursuit of these objectives, underpinned by his unassailable aptitude and relentless diligence. This youthful prodigy is, without question, a figure that merits close scrutiny as we contemplate the future.

Ethan Garcia Biography

Ethan Garcia is a household name in the world of TikTok. Born on December 13, 2006, in the sunny state of California, USA, he’s captured the hearts of many as a social media sensation. His claim to fame is his TikTok account, ‘3t1nn,’ where he shares relatable lip sync videos set to the trendiest soundtracks.

With over 1.4 million followers and counting, Ethan’s influence on the platform is undeniable. He’s not just a TikTok star; he’s a real sensation. Make a note of December 13 on your calendar if you want to join the globe in recognising this young celebrity’s birthday. You won’t want to miss this date!


Full NameEthan Garcia
Real NameEthan Garcia
Nick NameEthan
Ethan Garcia Age (2023)16 years old
BirthdayDecember 13, 2006
Birth PlaceMadera, CA
ProfessionTiktoker, Social Media
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Body Appearance
Height5 ft 2 in (1.61 m)
Weight52 Kg (114 lbs)
Body Measurements38-29-37 inches
Eye ColorLight Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Shoe Size7.5 (US)
Relationship Timeline
Early Life
FamilyNot Known
Career & Income
Net WorthApprox. $300,000

Ethan Garcia Age

Ethan Garcia, at the present juncture, stands at the age of 16 years and 10 months, signifying an accumulation of approximately 6,155 days of existence. He graced the world with his presence on a Wednesday, and his impending birthday lies just on the horizon, awaiting its arrival in a month and 24 days. The relentless march of time indeed evokes a sense of wonder, doesn’t it? The contemplation of the myriad moments and cherished memories amassed within those 6,155 days is nothing short of extraordinary, with a multitude of experiences still unfolding as he approaches the threshold of his forthcoming significant day.


Ethan Garcia seems to be quite the enigma when it comes to his family background. His parents’ identities are not entirely clear, so we are left in the dark about his family history. Similar events occurred in his romantic life. His current relationship status is labeled as “under review,” which strongly suggests that he values his privacy in this department. His relationship status is indicated as “Not Applicable,” suggesting that he might not be dating anyone right now. Even his marital situation is a closely-guarded secret, leaving us with unanswered questions regarding that aspect of his existence. In essence, while we’re well-versed in his professional life as a TikTok star and know some personal tidbits, his family and romantic relationships remain quite private.

On a lighter note, he’s created some fantastic TikTok content, including one set to a catchy tune by The Weeknd. And his talent hasn’t gone unnoticed; in July 2022, one of his TikToks went viral, amassing over 1 million views combined. You’ll often spot him in his signature black t-shirt in many of his videos. His social media reach extends beyond TikTok, with over 280,000 followers on Instagram. So, while some aspects of his life are under wraps, his online presence continues to shine.


Ethan Garcia made his debut in the world of lip sync videos back in June 2022. His first TikTok creation was set to a catchy sound titled “i love my gf!!!” Ethan’s journey into the realm of content creation began with a catchy and relatable song, which is always intriguing to reflect on. Since then, he has made great strides in winning many people over with his captivating content.

Ethan Garcia Height

Ethan Garcia, the renowned TikTok star, hails from the United States. Even though we don’t know his exact height, we may make an educated guess based on American average heights. In the US, men are typically 176.9 cm (5 ft 9 in) tall, compared to women’s average height of 163.3 cm (5 ft 4 in).

Based on these averages, it is reasonable to assume that Ethan Garcia is approximately 170.1 cm (5 ft 7 in) tall.  But regardless of his exact height, it’s his charismatic personality and unique skills that set him apart in the TikTok community.


Ethan Garcia has chosen to keep his religion and ethnicity a private matter, and he hasn’t shared this information with the public. People frequently choose to keep certain facets of their identity private. You may be confident that if there are any changes to his religion or ethnicity in the future, the public will be informed as soon as it is known. When it comes to disclosing private information, everyone has different preferences, and Ethan is no different.

Ethan Garcia Dating

In terms of dating, Ethan Garcia is now operating alone. He’s not wanting to get involved in any romantic relationships right now because his main priority right now is his profession. He appears to be putting his career development first and delaying falling in love for the time being. Focusing on one’s own hopes and goals might at times take precedence, and that is exactly where Ethan is in his life right now.

Ethan Garcia Net Worth (2023) – How rich is Ethan Garcia?

Ethan Garcia’s net worth is a topic of much intrigue, and it primarily stems from his status as a renowned TikTok star. But his financial portfolio isn’t limited to just TikTok. Additionally, he has experimented with TV advertisements, collaborated with sponsors, and served as a brand ambassador for various well-known companies. But as of right now, the details of his compensation are still being examined, and we’re eagerly expecting the full picture.

But based on what we know, we can safely say that Ethan Garcia’s net worth is in the millions. His widespread influence and popularity in the world of social media and marketing would certainly make this a plausible estimate. So, while the final numbers are yet to be confirmed, it’s clear that he’s made quite the impact both online and in the financial realm.

Net Worth (2023)$1 million (approx.)
Source of Net WorthTikTok Star
SalaryUnder review
Information SourceForbes, Bloomberg, Wikipedia, & online newspapers

Ethan Garcia On Snapchat

Ethan Garcia’s online footprint extends far beyond TikTok; he manifests a profound affinity for various social media platforms. Peruse his Snapchat account, and you’ll immerse yourself in a tapestry of captivating narratives. It represents a distinctive facet of his digital presence, one that undoubtedly resonates with his devoted admirers.

Yet, the scope of his online influence doesn’t end at TikTok and Snapchat’s confines. His digital imprint sprawls across Twitter and Instagram as well. However, it’s imperative to acknowledge that while TikTok embraces his substantial following, his influence on these alternative platforms is comparably less pervasive. It remains a fascinating exploration of the diverse audience dynamics characteristic of different social media platforms, underscoring Ethan’s multifaceted engagement within the digital realm.

Final Words

Ethan Garcia, a TikTok sensation known as ‘3t1nn,’ is a remarkable social media influencer with over 1.2 million followers. This article delves into Ethan’s age, biography, net worth, and his rise to fame. While his exact height remains unknown, he is approximately 5’7″ tall. His ethnicity and family background are kept private. Despite his young age, Ethan’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. He has gained popularity not only on TikTok but also on Instagram and other platforms. Currently single, he is focused on his career.

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