How Old Is Nidal? Nidal Wonder Early Life, Parents, Career, Height, Income, Net Worth And More

In the US, Nidal Wonder is a well-known personality who rose to fame as a self-taught gymnastics fanatic, Instagram phenomenon, and YouTuber. His engaging postings and videos, which mostly feature his amazing backflips and other gymnastics feats on Instagram and other well-known social media sites, have helped him become well-known.

Moreover, Nidal collaborates with his brother, Jamel, to manage the Juju & Nidal YouTube channel, boasting a substantial following of devoted subscribers. On this channel, they regularly share a wide range of gymnastics-related content, including videos and tutorials.

Additionally, several energy, sports, and apparel brands have recognized Nidal’s influence and chosen him as the face of their products on social media. Notably, companies like Berg and BERG Masters of Bounce have tapped into his popularity to promote their offerings.

Nidal Wonder Early Life

Nidal Wonder came into the world on December 21, 2010, in the city of Clovis, located in sunny California, United States. He goes by his birth name, Nidal Ajib, and while he’s an American citizen, his roots trace back to Arab heritage. Nidal is not an only child; he shares his family with two brothers, Jamel and Jehan Ajib, and has a sister named Farah Wonder. Interestingly, Nidal’s family connections run deep in the sports world; his uncle, Brad Jay, is a sports commentator who once had the pleasure of interviewing him in one of his YouTube videos.

From a tender age, Nidal’s curiosity for gymnastics ignited, and he embarked on this incredible journey. He honed his skills by devouring YouTube tutorials and practicing diligently, either at home or in the nearby park. The art of flipping and jumping became his passion, and he quickly established himself as a self-taught gymnastics enthusiast.

Beyond gymnastics, Nidal has a fervor for sports, showing his love for soccer and basketball. This young talent’s dedication to his craft and his family’s supportive network have undoubtedly contributed to his remarkable journey in the world of gymnastics and sports.

How Old Is Nidal?

Nidal Ajib made his grand entrance into the world on December 21, 2010, right there in Clovis, California. Fast forward to 2023, and he’s reached the age of 13, still young and full of potential. His digital journey took flight in April 2018, when he first started sharing his incredible content on Instagram.

Nidal Wonder Parents & Siblings

While the internet doesn’t readily provide the names of Nidal Wonder’s parents, his mother does make frequent appearances in his YouTube content. Nidal is part of a lively family unit, with three siblings: an elder brother, often recognized as Juju, named Jamel, an older sister named Jehan, and a younger brother by the name of Neshan.

This vibrant family has come together to create a YouTube channel known as “The Wonder Family.” On this channel, they invite viewers into their everyday lives and adventures, sharing the highs and lows of their unique family journey.

Intriguingly, Nidal’s uncle, Brad Jay, brings an element of sports expertise to the mix. He appears as a cameo in one of Nidal’s YouTube videos and works as an interviewer and sports pundit. Family obviously plays a big part in Nidal’s life, both on and off screen.

Career and Rise to Fame

When Nidal braved the social media waters in April 2018 and began posting his captivating flipping films on his Instagram account, his adventure into the realm of social media officially began. He quickly captured the attention of the internet community with his incredible skill and agility. In no time, he became a sought-after collaborator for various energy, sports, and clothing brands, including notable names like Berg and BERG Masters of Bounce.

Not content with conquering just one platform, in May 2018, Nidal expanded his horizons by launching the YouTube channel “Juju & Nidal,” alongside his equally talented brother, Jamel. Their first video, aptly titled “Learning How To Cody-Full,” was met with an enthusiastic response from their growing audience. Since that promising start, their channel has been a hub for a wide range of thrilling content, from intense physical challenges like “The Only Real Spiderman,” “Flipping Over Strangers,” and “Flipping Off The Roof,” to more lighthearted fare such as pranks, vlogs, reactions, and engaging Q&A sessions.

Nidal’s reach extends far beyond his family and immediate circle. He’s had the pleasure of collaborating with other famous flippers and YouTubers, counting Jack Payne, Tanner Braungardt, Tanner Fox, Zayd Elie, Bailey Payne, and Tammy Hembrow among his creative partners. His talents even earned him a spot on the TV show “Little Big Shots,” hosted by the charismatic Steve Harvey, where he got to showcase his extraordinary skills to a wider audience.

Nidal Wonder Body Stats

In terms of Nidal’s physical appearance, he stands at around 4 feet and 2 inches, which is a distinctive part of his unique charm. He maintains a weight of approximately 36 kilograms, giving him a light and agile presence.

Nidal sports brown hair, which complements his overall look, and his eyes are a matching shade of brown. This combination of features adds to his distinctive and recognizable appearance.

Nidal Wonder Personal Life and Girlfriend

As of now, Nidal Wonder is flying solo in the relationship department, putting his full attention on both his career and education. His silence on any potential crushes or a significant other has left fans curious about the romantic side of his life. He does, however, appreciate his friends and family, as is well known, and he often posts about them on social media.

Nidal considers Fresno, California, his “home sweet home,” where he lives with his family when he’s not creating waves online. As for his academic endeavors, he’s a student at a private school in his hometown, juggling the demands of both education and his online stardom.

Beyond his digital adventures, Nidal has a thirst for exploration. He enjoys exploring new locations and traveling, and when he needs some leisure, he prefers to curl up with a nice movie or play video games. He’s obviously more than just a one-trick pony; his wide range of interests make life interesting.

Nidal Wonder Crush

According to information gathered from online sources, Nidal Wonder, the well-known YouTuber, has been linked with a possible crush on Salish Matter. Salish happens to be the daughter of the renowned photographer and fellow YouTuber, Jordan Matter. Their connection has been showcased in several videos featured on both Nidal’s and Jordan’s YouTube channels, displaying a special chemistry and friendship between them. In addition to their online collaborations, they’ve been spotted hanging out in public places such as Disneyland, museums, and parks, fueling speculation about the nature of their relationship.

However, despite all the speculation, neither Nidal nor Salish have officially confirmed their relationship status. They have always declared themselves to be the greatest of friends and just adore one other’s presence. To verify whether the rumors about their connection were accurate, they even ran lie detector tests, but the results were unclear or even inconsistent. Due to this, we are in the dark about their romantic situation, which keeps their admirers and following intrigued.

Favorite Things & More

Favorite ThingDescription
Zodiac SignSagittarius (Adventurous, Optimistic, Enthusiastic, Honest, Independent)
MovieSpider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Song“The Truth About My Feelings” by Nidal Wonder and his brother Juju
HobbyPlaying video games
Dream DestinationHawaii
Role ModelUncle Brad Jay (motivates him to be self-assured and follow his passion)
Biggest FearHeights
Biggest GoalTo become a successful YouTuber and entertainer

Nidal Wonder Net Worth

As of 2023, Nidal Wonder’s estimated net worth is approximately $1.25 million, a testament to his success in the digital realm. This financial achievement is the result of multiple income streams, including brand endorsements, promotional work, and his presence on various social media platforms. Collaborations with well-known celebrities and influencers like Tammy Hembrow, Jordan Matter, and Melissa McCarthy have likely played a role in bolstering his net worth.

Looking ahead, Nidal’s net worth is poised for growth. Instagram and YouTube popularity are rising, as is his fan base. He’s well-known online with 1.5 million YouTube followers on his personal channel and 1.8 million on his creative channel with his brother Juju. He also posts footage of his flips and acrobatics and photos of family and friends on his Instagram account, which has over 500,000 followers. All signs point to a bright financial future as his digital empire continues to flourish.

Nidal Wonder Income Source

Nidal Wonder’s primary income stream flows from his thriving YouTube career. He rakes in earnings from the views, likes, comments, and advertisements that pop up alongside his videos. Moreover, he’s no stranger to partnerships and sponsorships with various brands and companies, which he enthusiastically promotes in his videos and across his social media platforms.

Nidal’s impressive roster of brand collaborations includes notable names like Skybound, Berg, BERG Masters of Bounce, Sky Zone, and Goliath Games. And he’s not finished there. He’s ventured into the retail sector, offering a range of products on his website, such as hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more. The cherry on top: he makes it much sweeter by giving followers all around the globe free delivery, which makes it attainable for them.

But Nidal’s financial journey doesn’t end with YouTube and merch sales. He diversifies his income sources through live events and appearances. In 2019, he dazzled a massive crowd with his gravity-defying flips and tricks at the Skybound Gymnastics Expo. Furthermore, he enjoys the support of his loyal fans and well-wishers who contribute through platforms like PayPal and Patreon, proving that his income streams are as diverse as his talents.

Nidal Wonder Social Media

In addition to his YouTube presence, Nidal is quite active on the popular photo-sharing platform, Instagram. Here, he treats his followers to a glimpse of his dashing looks, captivating gymnastic feats, and heartwarming family moments through a collection of photos.

But that’s not all – Nidal has also harnessed the power of Instagram to promote various brands, effectively leveraging his influence. Thanks to his engaging content, he’s amassed a substantial following on the app, with thousands of eager fans and supporters.

Interesting Facts

  • Nidal is a self-taught gymnast and young, gifted YouTuber who has amassed millions of admirers with his incredible flipping abilities and physical challenge videos.
  • The actual Nidal Wonder is Nidal Ajib, and he was born in Clovis, California, on December 21, 2010.
  • Wonder has four siblings: a younger brother named Neshan, a younger sister named Farah, an elder sister named Jehan, and an older brother named Jamel, also known as Juju.
  • Salish Matter, the daughter of well-known photographer and YouTuber Jordan Matter, is the subject of rumors that Nidal Wonder is crushing on. They’ve shared their relationship and chemistry in a number of videos that they’ve starred in together on Nidal and Jordan’s channels.
  • As a Skybound athlete, Nidal has taken part in live events including the 2019 Skybound Gymnastics Expo, where he dazzled the crowd with his incredible flips and feats.
  • By 2023, Nidal’s projected net worth will be $1.25 million. He makes money via a variety of channels, including social networking, brand sponsorships, and promotions.
  • Wonder is an independent, passionate, upbeat, honest, and adventurous person since he is a Sagittarius.


In 2023, Nidal Wonder, the self-taught gymnast and YouTube sensation, is 13 years old. He was raised in Clovis, California, and has become quite well-known for his compelling gymnastic routines and interesting social media posts. Since starting his digital career in April 2018, Nidal has gained popularity as an influencer for a number of sports, apparel, and energy companies. With brand partnerships, clothing sales, and his YouTube career, his estimated net worth has increased to $1.25 million.

The siblings of Nidal, notably his elder brother Jamel (Juju), are prominent in his life; they can be seen on their family’s YouTube channel, “The Wonder Family.” Nidal’s enthusiasm for gymnastics, coupled with his passion for soccer and basketball, has fueled his remarkable rise to fame.

While rumors circulate about a possible crush on Salish Matter, the daughter of renowned photographer and YouTuber Jordan Matter, Nidal has not officially confirmed any romantic relationship. He remains focused on his career and education, balancing the demands of both. Additionally, Nidal shares his interests, favorite things, and aspirations, offering a glimpse into his life beyond the gymnastic feats.

Nidal Wonder’s success extends across platforms, with a substantial following on YouTube and Instagram. Through brand collaborations, item sales, live events, and donations from his devoted fan base, he keeps expanding the sources of his revenue. Thanks to his family’s support, ability, and perseverance, Nidal has become a well-known personality in the digital world.

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