Is Zendaya Pregnant in 2023?

No, Zendaya is not pregnant in 2023. Another pregnancy rumor involving the actress surfaced in 2022. Zendaya’s pregnancy rumors appeared online last year, surprising many. It was surprising as she was the least likely object of such speculation. However, the internet proved us incorrect again.

Zendaya, the “Euphoria,” star, took time to disprove these rumors after hearing them. She turned to her usual candor and grace, sharing her thoughts through a series of Instagram Stories. In her first post, she expressed her frustration, stating, “See now, this is why I stay off Twitter. Just making stuff up for no reason… weekly.”

Zendaya stated in the following Story that she would return to her new picture, “Challengers,” and let the internet do its thing. “Anyway, back to filming,” she said.

“A bogus ultrasound joke on TikTok spread to Twitter and became “news.”

Zendaya and Tom Holland kept their love private for months. However, images of the couple kissing in a car surfaced online in July 2021. Later that year, Zendaya told GQ that the incident was “quite strange and weird and confusing and invasive.” When you love and care for someone, you want certain things to stay private, she said. She underlined that loving someone is sacred and should be treasured between two people.

Relationship between Tom Holland and Zendaya

Tom Holland and Zendaya met in 2016 during Zendaya’s audition for Marvel’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” Friendship, fascinating arguments, and growth characterize their narrative.

First Encounters: Initially, they met when Zendaya auditioned for the role of Michelle alongside Spider-Man actor Tom Holland. In 2017, Zendaya told Variety about their wonderful disagreement at their first meeting. She said that while Tom shook his hand, she hugged, creating an awkward yet unforgettable experience. Zendaya didn’t focus on the unpleasantness of the initial mismatch.

From Friendship to More: From connection to More: Their initial meeting developed into a lasting connection over their stay on site. Tom called Zendaya “great and amazing” in a People magazine interview. Despite their on-screen chemistry, both stars said they were friends. In a 2017 Variety interview, Zendaya called Tom a “great dude” and said they were “the best of friends,” dismissing early dating rumors.

A blossoming romance: The beginning of their relationship is still a mystery. Tom and Zendaya denied reports and maintained their friendship while hiding their developing romance. Their followers were surprised and delighted when they revealed their romance in 2021.

Celebrating Friendship and Love: Over the years, Tom and Zendaya have openly celebrated each other’s birthdays on social media, demonstrating their close connection. Tom celebrated Zendaya’s 21st birthday on Instagram in 2017, joking about their height gap and sending his best wishes. On Tom’s 23rd birthday in 2019, Zendaya posted a casual selfie of the two with Jacob Batalon and her assistant, thanking him for his great and distinctive personality.

The Evolution Continues: The relationship between Tom and Zendaya has progressed beyond friendship, despite initial interviews and remarks denying dating rumors. Their transformation from co-stars to close friends and lovers is a touching tale of two people who found something special in fame and the entertainment world.

Tom Holland and Zendaya’s Engagement

Zendaya and Tom Holland are not engaged. Despite their closeness, neither has announced their engagement. The couple seems happy as boyfriend and girlfriend.

However, in March 2023, “Tomdaya worshippers,” the couple’s supporters, saw something odd. After a manicure, Zendaya wore a gold signet ring with “TH” initials. It was widely speculated that this was a hidden engagement announcement.

The initials “TH” represent Tom Holland, adding romantic meaning to the ring. Please note that the ring does not indicate an engagement. Whether it belonged to Tom or was made by Zendaya as a memorial to her lover is unknown.

Tom Holland and Zendaya’s romance was revealed in 2021 when photographers caught them kissing in a car. In a GQ interview, Tom said, “We sort of felt robbed of our privacy,” about this occurrence.

The celebrity couple kept their secrecy, but they started showing more affection on social media. Tom posted a sweet photo of them from a Spider-Man flick on Zendaya’s 25th birthday in 2021. With the shot, he penned a loving note calling Zendaya “My MJ” and wishing her a happy birthday. Later that year, Zendaya called Tom “my Spider-Man” on Instagram to celebrate “Spider-Man: No Way Home.”

During the film’s press tour, the couple showed affection. Fans have seen them on several dates since then, including a romantic encounter at the Louvre in October 2022. Comparing their relationship to the museum’s paintings only enhanced this Marvel duo’s charm.

Zendaya Replies to Tom Holland Pregnancy Rumors

The world knows about Tom Holland and Zendaya’s relationship, yet whispers swirl. Zendaya’s response to a pregnancy rumor went viral, showing her no-nonsense attitude.

The Origin of the Rumor: The rumor about Tom Holland and Zendaya caught fire on Twitter. Last year, a TikTok video created a phony ultrasound that looked like it belonged to the Spider-Man hero.

Internet Buzz and Curiosity: Following the viral video, Zendaya’s followers expressed doubts about its legitimacy, sparking online discussions. “Is Zendaya pregnant?” inquired one fan. Please tell me your source because everyone on the timeline is saying this.”

No-nonsense Zendaya: Zendaya, known for her honesty, refuted this rumor. She vented on Instagram, writing, “Now you know why I avoid Twitter. Making up ridiculous things weekly.” She was direct and said such rumors were untrue.

Tom Holland’s Affection: In a podcast hosted by Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes, Tom Holland expressed his affection for his “girlfriend” amid current rumors. He stressed the uniqueness of being in a romantic connection with someone who understands their shared world and experiences. Their relationship was invaluable, according to Tom.

Zendaya’s clear and humorous response to pregnancy speculations with Tom Holland shows her skill in answering erroneous accusations. It shows how strong their relationship is and how they handle stardom together.

Zendaya Mentions Privacy Amid Pregnancy Rumors

Zendaya values followers who respect her boundaries despite pregnancy rumors. On June 28, 2022, the Euphoria star spoke to Vogue Italy about her admirers and growing up in the spotlight.

Zendaya, known for her honesty, discussed her excellent fan relationship. She noted that many of her followers had matured with her as she changed in life and work. With many admirers of similar ages, they often exchange life, thought, and hope viewpoints, whether about their profession or the globe.

Fans respect Zendaya as a person, which is remarkable. Even her closest fans respect her humanity and yearning for happiness. Zendaya appreciates her followers’ support and respect for her privacy.

Zendaya also praised her fans’ willingness to connect with her, especially in her portrayal of hard characters in Euphoria. She described the numerous followers who contacted out to discuss their loss, addiction, sadness, mental illness, and personal issues. Zendaya finds meaning in her intimate connection with her fans and her capacity to help people heal, grow, learn, and mend previous wounds.

Zendaya addressed pregnancy rumors on social media before her Vogue Italy interview. She responded on Instagram to a fan-created TikTok with a fake pregnancy announcement in her name on June 15, 2022. Zendaya quickly denied the accusations with a dark screen message: “Now you know why I avoid Twitter. Creating things for no reason weekly.” In her next story, she said, “Anyway back to filming Challengers.”

Zendaya handles rumors calmly and appreciates fans who respect her boundaries, showing her maturity and expertise in managing celebrity and public attention.

Zendaya Biography and Passion

Born on September 1, 1996, in Oakland, California, Zendaya is now 26 years old as of 2023. Her parents, Claire Stoermer and Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, both educators, come from diverse backgrounds. Her father has African-American roots with Nigerian ancestry, while her mother has a mix of German and Scottish heritage. Zendaya is the youngest of six. siblings. Her mother taught at Fruitvale Elementary School, where she discovered her interest in the performing arts.

Zendaya’s early school plays and California Shakespeare Theatre experience inspired her. She joined Future Shock Oakland, a hip-hop dance group, at eight and studied hula at the Academy of Hawaiian Arts. This early exposure to many art styles shaped her eclectic career.

As she studied at Oakland School for the Arts, she remained passionate about performing. She got roles in local plays including “Once on This Island” and “Caroline, or Change.” because of her auditions. Zendaya’s stage abilities rapidly garnered praise from critics and theatergoers.

Zendaya wanted more than her talent and stage presence. She attended CalShakes Conservatory and American Conservatory Theatre programs to improve her acting. These encounters increased her understanding and made her a dynamic performer.

Zendaya’s family moved to Los Angeles in seventh grade when she was studying and performing. This was due to their constant support for her acting profession. Zendaya graduated from Oak Park High School in 2015 despite her love and career, proving her dedication to her education and aspirations.

Zendaya’s rise from Oakland to fame as an actor is a testimonial to her hard work and family support. Her broad background, early arts exposure, and lifelong pursuit of knowledge have shaped her into a multifaceted and creative artist.

Zendaya Career

Zendaya is a famous American actress and singer who has been influential in the entertainment world. Raised in Oakland, California, her career shows her talent and dedication. Come explore this diverse artist’s journey.

The Beginnings of Zendaya

Zendaya’s career began as a child. She showed her talent and personality as a teenage model and dancer. She would succeed thanks to this early entertainment exposure.

Disney Channel Fame

Performing as Rocky Blue in Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up.” was a career highlight for Zendaya. This role launched her career and introduced her to big audiences. Disney fans loved her contagious enthusiasm and acting skills.

Television venture

Zendaya’s comedy “K.C. Undercover.” kept her in the spotlight. As she smoothly shifted between successful projects, her acting flexibility shined through.

The Spidey Universe

Zendaya made her film debut in “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” representing a career milestone. She captivated audiences as Michelle “MJ” Jones and continued to dazzle in the sequels.

Emmy-winning Euphoria

Zendaya’s HBO performance as Rue Bennett in “Euphoria.” launched her career. Her excellent performance garnered her two Primetime Emmy Awards, making her the youngest recipient of Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

Music Exploration

Zendaya’s skills go beyond acting. Her music career included “Swag It Out” and “Watch Me” with Bella Thorne. She released her self-titled debut studio album in 2013 after signing with Hollywood Records in 2012. The album’s “Replay” reached the Billboard Hot 100 somewhat successfully.

Her most notable musical achievement was “Rewrite the Stars,” a riveting 2017 collaboration with Zac Efron for “The Greatest Showman” soundtrack. Multiplatinum certifications followed this single’s success on the music charts.

Success Continues

Zendaya thrives in acting and music. She starred in “The Greatest Showman,” “Malcolm & Marie,” and “Dune.” Talent and influence have made her one of the entertainment industry’s most renowned people.

From her humble origins to her current success, Zendaya has shown commitment and talent. She’s a star in every way due to her acting and musical accomplishments.

Are Zendaya and Tom Holland Still Dating?

The Tom Holland-Zendaya relationship appears healthy as of June 2023. Their dating rumors are true. The relationship between them has been sweet and endearing.

Their outfit twinning during a New York Rangers vs. Red Wings ice hockey game in February 2022 was adorable. Tom wore a “Zendaya” jersey, while Zendaya wore “Holland.” Their fans loved this public display of affection.

In February 2023, Zendaya wore several stunning looks to the SAG and NAACP Image Awards. Tom left heart-eye emojis on one of her photos, sparking fan love.

Londoners saw the couple spending time together in March 2023. They visited parks, grocery shopped and ate at Michelin-starred Jamavar. They took happy photos with the restaurant’s culinary director and executive chef.

Tom Holland and Zendaya then flew to Mumbai to attend a Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre gala. Blue Bay Marine shared photos of a couple on a yacht after a public event turned into a private vacation.

Thomas and Zendaya had a romantic date at Hampton Court Palace in England on April 8, 2023. The palace’s tour guide praised the couple’s friendly and down-to-earth demeanor, sharing photos of them posing with staff.

Fans still adore their love story, and Zendaya paid tribute to Tom on his birthday, June 1. She posted photos of him swimming, making heart symbols with his hands, and smiling on the shore on her Instagram stories. Their special bond and love remain captivating.

FAQs about is zendaya pregnant

1. Is Zendaya pregnant in 2023? 

No, Zendaya is not pregnant in 2023. The recent pregnancy rumors are baseless.

2. Were there previous pregnancy rumors about Zendaya? 

Yes, in 2022, there were similar pregnancy rumors, which Zendaya addressed and debunked on her social media.

3. Is Zendaya still dating Tom Holland? Yes, as of June 2023, Zendaya and Tom Holland are still in a relationship and going strong.

4. Are Zendaya and Tom Holland engaged? 

No, Zendaya and Tom Holland are not engaged. While there have been hints, there is no official confirmation of an engagement.

5. How does Zendaya feel about pregnancy rumors and her fans?

Zendaya is frustrated by pregnancy rumors and appreciates her followers’ tolerance for her boundaries.

6. What is Zendaya’s current focus in 2023? 

Zendaya is currently focused on her new film project, “Challengers,” and continues to thrive in her acting and music careers.

7. What is the significance of the gold ring Zendaya was spotted wearing? 

The gold ring with the initials “TH” Zendaya wore in March 2023 is uncertain. It’s no engagement.

8. Is Zendaya open about her personal life and relationship with Tom Holland? 

In recent years, Zendaya and Tom Holland have shared romantic moments on social media, revealing their connection.

9. How does Zendaya view her fans? 

Zendaya values her fans and appreciates their support and understanding. She believes that her fans respect her boundaries and understand her as a human being.

10. What is Zendaya’s career and background? 

American actress and singer Zendaya became famous for her work in television and film. She became famous for her Disney Channel and Spider-Man appearances after modeling and dancing as a child.


Zendaya is not pregnant. Recent pregnancy rumors are unfounded, and Zendaya herself has addressed and debunked such speculations. She continues to focus on her career, and her relationship with Tom Holland remains strong, with no official engagement confirmation. Zendaya’s relationship with her fans is marked by mutual respect, and she values their understanding of her boundaries.

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