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J Prince net worth of approximately $55 million as of 2023, is a prominent American music executive. He maintains ownership of a ranch in Houston, generating an impressive annual income of $4.5 million from his Angus cattle operations. Additionally, J. Prince possesses an island off the coast of Belize, adding to his diverse portfolio.

Football was J Prince’s main pastime in his youth. After his older sister Zenia was killed by a train on her way home from school, his life was tragic. This article discusses J Prince’s net worth, income, career, personal life, and more.

J Prince Net Worth

NameJ Prince
ProfessionAmerican Music Executive
Net Worth$55 Million
Source of WealthEntrepreneur
Salary$4 Million +
Monthly Income$0.3 Million +
Last Updated4 November 2023

J Prince, an American music executive, has achieved a net worth of $55 million, with his primary source of wealth rooted in entrepreneurship. Famously, he founded Rap-A-Lot Records, named after his brother Sir Rapa Lot. He became a major hip-hop figure in Los Angeles.

Ascending to the position of CEO of Rap-A-Lot Records in Houston, Texas, J Prince’s endeavors paved the way for a successful life, earning him millions of dollars. Alongside his music industry ventures, he developed an interest in the car-selling business. This passion led him to acquire an abandoned building in Shepherd, which he later transformed into “Smith Auto Sales.”

J Prince Net Worth Growth In Past 5 Years

In the span of a few years, J Prince’s net worth has seen a consistent rise:

2019$39 Million
2020$43 Million
2021$47 Million
2022$51 Million
2023$55 Million

Throughout this time, J Prince’s financial standing has steadily increased, reflecting a notable growth in his wealth.

J Prince’s sources of income

J Prince’s main source of income stems from his involvement in the music industry as the CEO of Rap-a-Lot Records. Established in 1986, this record label significantly influenced the Southern hip-hop landscape. With J Prince at the helm, Rap-a-Lot Records propelled successful artists like the Geto Boys, Scarface, and Willie D into the spotlight.

Apart from his contributions to the record label, J Prince has also ventured into managing celebrated boxers such as Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Shakur Stevenson.

Real estate and other assets

In addition to his involvement in music and boxing, J Prince has expanded his investments. He possesses a ranch situated in Houston, which brings in around $200,000 in yearly income from his operations focused on Angus cattle. Moreover, he also owns an island off the coast of Belize called Prince Island, contributing to his real estate assets and overall net worth.

Quick Facts

Full name James L. Prince
NicknameJames Prince
Birth date 31 October 1964 
BirthplaceHouston, Texas, United States
Age (As of 2023)59 years old
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Ethnicity African-American 
MotherSharon Johnson
Marital statusMarried
SpousePaula Miller (m. 1990-1993); Mary Prince (m. 1994)
ChildrenJas Prince, Brandy Prince
Eye colorHazel
Hair colorBlack
Height5’6″, 170cm
Weight70Kg, 153lbs
UniversityTexas Southern University
ProfessionMusic Executive, music manager, investor, entrepreneur, A&R
Networth $55 million

Early Life of J Prince

J Prince, born James L. Smith, was born on October 31, 1965, to sixteen-year-old Sharon Johnson. Sharon was already a mother to Prince’s one-year-old daughter Zenia. Their family lived in the Fifth Ward in Houston, residing in the Coke Apartments, known as “the Bloody Nickel.” During his time at Kashmere High School, Prince was actively involved in football and took up odd jobs such as lawn mowing and working on trucks.

Tragically, Prince faced the loss of his older sister Zenia, who was fatally struck by a train while walking home from junior high school. Despite this tragedy, Prince persevered and successfully graduated from Kashmere High. He secured a job at the Fault Department of Colonial Savings and Loan, although he faced a layoff two years later. Subsequently, he ventured into restoring and selling bucket cars as a trade. This led to the establishment of his company, Smith Auto Sales, marking his entry into the exotic car business.

His main clients were affluent athletes who had significant spending power. Over $100,000 was saved by J. Prince at 21. Hard work and dedication allowed him to buy a 30-acre ranch and a house for his mother by 23.

Personal life

Prince values family and has been happily married to his wife since the late 1980s. Together, they are parents to seven adult children, including three sons: J Prince Jr., Jas, and Jay “Baby Jay,” all actively involved in the music and boxing industries.

Outside his professional commitments, Prince is deeply committed to philanthropy and community improvement. One of his accomplishments is building a community center in Houston’s Fifth Ward. This center encourages children, youths, and adults to succeed in life.

Furthermore, Prince actively advocates for HIV/AIDS prevention and generously supports various charitable programs, emphasizing his sincere dedication to creating a positive impact beyond his business ventures.

The Saga of Rap-A-Lot Records by Master of Beats

In 1987, J. Prince established Rap-A-Lot Records, a groundbreaking move that solidified his position as a key figure in Southern hip-hop history. His record label served as a launchpad for acclaimed artists like Scarface and the Geto Boys, transforming the local scene into a legendary platform. More than just providing these artists a stage, Prince became a visionary in the evolution of hip-hop, foreseeing shifts in the industry’s landscape.

Rap-A-Lot Records wasn’t just a music powerhouse; it was a force that churned out chart-topping hits while challenging the norms and injustices within the complex world of music contracts and copyrights.

Yet, J. Prince’s influence extends far beyond music. He’s a multifaceted individual whose interests span social justice activism and entrepreneurship. His voice carries weight when he addresses systemic inequalities, resonating not just in legislative halls but also in local community movements. Furthermore, his venture into writing, particularly his memoir “The Art & Science of Respect,” illustrates that his influence transcends mere words on a page or social media soundbites.

The career of J Prince

In 1986, J Prince established the Houston hip-hop record label, Rap-A-Lot, initially starting the company on the second floor of his automotive shop. His main motivation for founding the label was to offer his younger brother a positive focus, keeping him away from potential street troubles. The label also operates under the sub-label Smoke-a-Lot Records. Relocating the label to New York City in 1988, he began recognizing talents, influenced by the likes of Def Jam executives Russell Simmons and Lyor Cohen.

Rap-A-Lot Records gained notable recognition through the Geto Boys, who became one of the South’s standout acts in hip-hop. J Prince discovered renowned rappers Scarface and Willie D, resulting in the release of “Grip It! On That Other Level” in 1989. Despite facing a federal investigation the same year, which found no illegal activity within the label and led to the case being dropped, Rap-A-Lot maintained its success, concentrating on gangsta and Southern rap.

During various periods, the label was distributed by different companies: EMI labels Priority Records and Virgin Records from 1991 to 1994, and WEA’s Asylum Records during the 2000s. Notably, it was referenced by the Notorious B.I.G. in the song “Flava in Ya Ear (remix)” when he said, “I’m not from Houston, but I Rap-a-Lot.”

In the music industry, J Prince’s influence extended to the discovery of artists and talent management. His son, Jay Prince, runs Southern Empire Entertainment, a label distributed by Rap-A-Lot. J Prince’s son Jas Prince discovered and manages artists such as Drake, who he introduced to rapper Lil Wayne, eventually leading to Drake’s signing with Young Money in 2009.

J. Prince authored his memoir, “The Art & Science of Respect: A Memoir,” in 2018. In 2020, he ventured into the liquor and wine industry, launching the brand “Loyalty.”

Charitable work

For over 20 years, J Prince dedicated himself to promoting Houston’s rap scene and supporting rap artists. Currently, he’s focusing on uplifting underprivileged neighborhoods and communities. He started building a community center in his old 5th Ward neighborhood. This center empowers children, teens, and adults to succeed in life.

On January 30, 2007, the Houston City Council and Mayor Bill White dedicated a day to Prince in honor of his remarkable work. Additionally, Prince launched an educational campaign in February 2007 aimed at informing and guiding young people on HIV/AIDS prevention and testing. Moreover, in December 2007, he generously donated $100,000 to the Bread of Life’s Meals that Heal program in Houston.

The success story of J Prince

In his twenties, J Prince held multiple jobs, working hard to provide for his family. By the 2000s, he found success as a manager for boxing icons like Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Andre Ward. Alongside this, he continued his involvement in the car sales and real estate sectors, contributing significantly to his income while also nurturing his ranching endeavors.

“The Art and Science of Respect” stands as a memoir encompassing his life story. Published in 2019, the book performed well in stores, selling thousands of copies. Over the past two decades, Prince has actively contributed as an artist and promoter within Houston’s rap industry. He’s now shifting his attention towards aiding the city’s most underserved communities and marginalized groups.

Continuing the Chronicles

J. Prince isn’t a stagnant character in his life story; rather, he plays the roles of the narrator, the main character, and at times, the surprise twist. His ongoing endeavors in business, philanthropy, and activism aren’t just minor details, but significant parts of a constantly evolving storyline. Reducing J. Prince to a single moment or merely to a net worth figure overlooks the depth and dynamism that make him a compelling figure across various fields and over many decades.

J Prince Favorite Quotes

“Respect was instilled in me early in life; growing up, I was taught to be respectful and to distinguish right from wrong. This upbringing inculcated a sense of integrity in me, and the younger generation needs to grasp these values because we share similar origins – we come from where the challenges are.” – J. Prince

“In the initial stages, we faced an unwelcoming environment, experiencing discrimination from business owners and encountering racial profiling by the police. There wasn’t much encouragement for our innovative approaches, while artists mainly imitated sounds from the East and West Coasts.” – J. Prince

“Drake’s buzz back then demanded attention, outweighing any doubts, including my personal opinions on the sound. He dared to be distinct, and that’s what made him stand out.” – J. Prince

“The new generation is incredibly aware, especially with the advent of social media. It’s exciting as an entrepreneur. Emerging artists are approaching their craft differently. However, it’s crucial to establish a strong foundation for growth when the time is right.” – J. Prince

“I’ve mediated numerous disputes in the past. In the Drake-Meek situation, Meek sought a positive resolution, and I advised him, ‘Let’s focus on creating a movement, not just a fleeting moment.’ He acknowledged the importance of that approach.” – J. Prince

“Having integrity is essential. Stand by your word and have the mental fortitude to follow through with what needs to be done.” – J. Prince

Some Facts about J Prince

J Prince has been actively involved in raising awareness about AIDS among teenagers, offering support and opportunities. His first notable album, “Raheem The Vigilante,” was released in 1988 under Rap-A-Lot Records. He has promoted Houston artists and needy areas for 35 years.

In “The Art & Science of Respect,” he recounts his road to respect via sincerity, loyalty, and dedication. J Prince visited TSU and shared his career teachings with students. He produced and contributed to documentaries. His previous jobs included lawnmower and welder.

His campaign to educate teenagers about HIV prevention began in February 2007. In 2011, J. Prince, along with FlowMaster Records, released his first two albums titled ‘Renaissance.’ He collaborated with artists like DJ Nicholas, Sherwin Gardner, Positive, and American Rapper Flame on stage. His contributions to the music industry were recognized by the Houston City Council and Mayor Bill White, who dedicated a day in his honor in 2007.

Furthermore, in 2010, J. Prince was acknowledged alongside other prominent figures like Master P, Jermaine Dupri, Timbaland, and Slick Rick at the VH1 7th annual ceremony, where he received the Hip Hop Honors Award.

J Prince Social Media Accounts

J. Prince has a significant presence on various social media platforms:

FacebookAlmost 236K FollowersCheck Out
TwitterAlmost 14.6K FollowersCheck Out
InstagramAlmost 799K FollowersCheck Out

FAQs about J Prince’s Net Worth

1. Has J Prince’s net worth changed?

J Prince has $55 million in 2023. His Wealth rose from $39 million in 2019 to $43 million in 2020, $47 million in 2021, $51 million in 2022, and $55 million in 2023.

2. What else boosts J Prince’s wealth?

Besides music and boxing, J Prince has diversified his investments. His Houston property raises Angus cattle and earns $4.5 million annually. He owns an island off Belize, expanding his real estate portfolio.

3. What was J Prince’s childhood?

J Prince, born October 31, 1964, in Houston, Texas, had a difficult upbringing. He suffered, including the accident that killed his older sister. He began his career mowing lawns and welding trucks before becoming an entrepreneur.

4. What charity projects does J Prince support?

Philanthropist J Prince. He built a community center in Houston’s Fifth Ward to empower all ages. He has generously funded philanthropic programs and promoted HIV/AIDS prevention.

5. How important were J Prince’s music industry contributions?

J Prince founded Rap-a-Lot Records, which shaped Southern hip-hop. His successes with the Geto Boys, Scarface, and Willie D solidified his music business influence.

6. What are J Prince’s non-music accomplishments?

J Prince has a prosperous ranch and a Belizean island in addition to music. His 2018 memoir, “The Art & Science of Respect,” details his life and values.

7. What has J Prince done for communities and causes?

J Prince built a community center in Houston’s Fifth Ward to improve the community. Giving significantly to philanthropic programs, he has promoted HIV/AIDS prevention.

8. What is J Prince’s entertainment legacy?

J Prince’s legacy goes beyond money. His contributions as a music executive, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and thinking leader solidify his place in American culture.

Final Thoughts

The rise of J Prince from poor origins to entrepreneurial success shows endurance, insight, and a deep dedication to business and community development. He has established himself in the entertainment sector and beyond with a $55 million net worth in 2023.

He founded Rap-a-Lot Records and helped shape Southern hip-hop, launching popular musicians and leaving an indelible influence on the music industry. Real estate investments like a profitable ranch and a Belizean island diversify his financial portfolio.

J Prince’s impact includes generosity and community upliftment beyond financial achievement. He built a community center and promoted HIV/AIDS prevention to make a difference beyond business.

J Prince’s broad career as a music executive, entrepreneur, thought leader, and philanthropist solidifies his place as a renowned and influential figure across generations and disciplines. His story inspires with its determination, integrity, and steadfast dedication to accomplishment.

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