Jennifer Misner: The Life and Journey of Dustin Diamond’s Ex-Wife

Jennifer Misner is best known as the ex-wife of the late celebrity actor Dustin Diamond. They have led a life filled with both love and challenges. Her narrative includes marrying Saved by the Bell’s “Screech” and her sales and marketing successes. We discuss Jennifer Misner’s upbringing, career, marriage to Dustin Diamond, their charitable work, and her response to his cancer diagnosis in this article.

Who is Jennifer Misner?

Dustin Diamond, a famous actor, director, stand-up comedian, musician, and professional wrestler, married Jennifer Misner. His Saved by the Bell character Samuel “Screech” Powers is his most famous.

After dating for years, Dustin Diamond and Jennifer Misner married in 2009, however, they split in 2013. Sadly, Dustin Diamond passed away in February 2021 due to lung cancer. It remains uncertain whether he maintained contact with his ex-wife, Jennifer, before his demise. Dustin’s legacy is intertwined with his relationships, particularly with Jennifer Misner, the one who shared his life’s journey as his spouse.


Full name Jennifer Misner 
Birth date 1970s
BirthplacePennsylvania, USA 
Age53 years old
Ethnicity White 
SiblingsAmanda Misner 
Family memberValerie Misner, Jeremy Misner, Olivia Misner, Amanda Misner, Josh Misner
Marital statusDivorced 
Ex-HusbandDustin Diamond’ ​(m. 2009; Sep. 2013)​
Famous ForBeing the Dustin Diamond’s ex-wife 
Eye colorGreen 
Hair colorBrown
PetsBently, Rukus
CollegePennsylvania State University 
ProfessionSales director and businesswoman 

Early Life and Background

Google has well-covered Jennifer Misner.

Jennifer Misner’s birthdate, age, and location are not publicly disclosed. It is known that she is American. Her familial background, parents, siblings, and other personal details are kept private. Jennifer has also kept her educational past private.

Physical Characteristics

The height, weight, chest-waist-hip measurements, dress size, and shoe size of Jennifer Misner are unknown. She has green eyes and brown hair.

Professional Life

Jennifer Misner became famous as the ex-wife of Dustin Diamond, who played Samuel “Screech” Powers in the groundbreaking Saved by the Bell series.

Jennifer Misner has a successful sales and marketing career in addition to her affiliation with a famous actor. She started her career as a Project Manager at TNS in the late 1990s. Jennifer became VP of Marketing and Development at Monarch Group for five years, expanding her knowledge. She then freelanced as a sales and marketing consultant for six years.

Jennifer Misner became Director of Sales and Revenue Management at Sheehan & Associates in early 2010. Her career advanced as Concord Hospitality Enterprises’ Director of Sales and Marketing for one year.

Jennifer Misner joined Schulte Hospitality Group in 2013 and maintained several positions for four years. She then spent 18 months at Jacaruso Enterprises Inc.

At Sonesta Hotels, Jennifer Misner is the Regional Sales Director. She’s also an entrepreneur. After the 2020 COVID-19 epidemic, Jennifer opened a Kentucky seed shop. Future plans include selling live plants and showcasing her versatility and entrepreneurial energy.

Jennifer Misner Owns A Kentucky Garden Business

In August 2020, Jennifer Misner made an exciting announcement about her newly launched gardening business. This enterprise is not only licensed by the state but has also received the esteemed KY Proud stamp of approval. Jennifer said the COVID-19 outbreak provided her unexpected free time, like many in the hotel industry.

She also announced that she and her business partner would work with a vendor to ship live plants in spring 2021. This extension shows her versatility and determination.

Jennifer supports fundraisers and philanthropic events on social media while gardening and running her business. Jennifer’s personal life and romantic interests seem to be secret despite her public life.

Jennifer Misner’s Marriage to Dustin Diamond

Jennifer Misner rose to prominence as the former spouse of the well-known actor, Dustin Diamond. The couple, deeply in love with each other, tied the knot on December 5, 2002, marking the culmination of their long-time romantic journey.

Tragically, their marital life was marked by sorrow as Jennifer experienced a miscarriage in 2004. In memory of their unborn child, the couple founded the Dustin Diamond Foundation, demonstrating their commitment to children’s causes.

Despite their shared past, Jennifer Misner and Dustin Diamond eventually parted ways through divorce. Since their separation, there have been no reports or updates regarding Jennifer’s subsequent marriage or relationships.

Dustin Diamond’s Notable Career and Controversies

Dustin Diamond, Jennifer’s ex-husband, was an actor, director, stand-up comedian, and musician. His Saved by the Bell character Samuel “Screech” Powers made him famous.

Diamond’s life was plagued by conflicts and legal issues, resulting in numerous media appearances. A fake news item on social media claimed his prison death in October 2020. After being convicted of many stabbings, Dustin was imprisoned.

Dustin Diamond’s relationship with Jennifer Misner shows his ups and downs, personal achievements, and significant hurdles.

How did Jennifer Misner and her ex-husband meet

Jennifer Misner and her ex-husband, who appeared in “The Book Of Love,” started dating in late 2004. After meeting in Pennsylvania, their love affair began when Diamond was on tour.

They married in 2009 after taking their romance further. In an October 2012 City 12 interview, Diamond proudly displayed his wedding ring and said, “Happy life, happy wife, my friend.” They also indicated their want to have children.

They had to overcome obstacles in their love tale. A devastating ectopic pregnancy forced Jennifer Misner to miscarry while dating. This tragedy left emotional wounds and high medical bills, adding a painful chapter to their relationship.

Jennifer Misner Children

While expecting their first child in 2005, Jennifer Misner and her husband were excited. When their baby died from an ectopic pregnancy, their elation turned to deep sorrow.

Diamond and Jennifer Misner’s Charity Foundation

Diamond and Misner founded a children’s charity after a personal tragedy. This effort created the Dustin Diamond Foundation, which helped childcare organizations. IMDB indicated this objective, however, the foundation’s website has been disabled.

An October 2005 “Haunted Masquerade” night launched their philanthropy. Diamond and Jennifer Misner staged celebrity fundraisers, stand-up comedy, and community service in Southeastern Wisconsin throughout their marriage.

They raised money for the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and nearby communities, showing their commitment to patient care.

Jennifer Misner and Diamond’s Divorce

As of June 2006, CBS News reported that Diamond and Misner were residing together in Port Washington, Wisconsin. However, their marital journey took a different turn, leading to a decision to end their marriage in 2013. Notably, neither Jennifer Misner nor the late actor publicly disclosed the specific reasons behind their separation, keeping this aspect of their personal lives private.

Following their divorce, Diamond took the step of putting his Port Washington residence up for sale in 2020. He subsequently made a move, relocating to Florida, marking a new chapter in his life post-divorce.

Financial Challenges for Jennifer Misner’s Ex-Husband

Diamond suffered financial difficulties, including foreclosure owing to unpaid payments, throughout his marriage to Jennifer Misner. CBS News covered a small-claims lawsuit about an $800 landscaping cost.

Diamond stated that his ex-girlfriend signed a 2004 contract without his knowledge, resulting in this landscaping charge. In November, he called their breakup “a very ugly one”. Financial issues complicated his life during this time.

Dustin Diamond’s Hospitalization and Jennifer Misner’s Experience During Her Ex-Husband’s Cancer Diagnosis

In a distressing turn of events, Dustin Diamond found himself hospitalized in Florida on January 14 due to a severe health condition. He had been experiencing widespread pain throughout his body, prompting the need for medical attention.

The actor’s team confirmed Dustin’s stage four cancer diagnosis on Facebook. They said they would disclose more details once his treatment and recovery plan was finalized.

Dan Block, a close friend, revealed that the 44-year-old actor had a large tumor on his neck for a long time. Tragically, he delayed medical attention owing to concerns that people would take images and post them online, highlighting public persons’ struggles.

Block also begged people not to troll or make cruel remarks while Dustin Diamond was ill, emphasizing the need for support and empathy. He revealed that Diamond was starting treatment for stage four cancer, emphasizing the urgency of the issue.

Diamond endured chemotherapy in Cape Coral, Florida, to treat stage four cancer. His struggle with the cancer ended on February 1, 2021. This is despite rumors of a vehicle crash and other causes of death.

Whether Diamond and his ex-wife, Jennifer Misner, communicated throughout this difficult time is unknown. He died of lung cancer on February 1, 2021, after a heartbreaking journey that began with a prognosis of terminal illness and a weeks-to-five-month lifespan.

History of Dustin Diamond’s Troubles

Before marrying Jennifer Misner, Diamond dated Beth Musolff in 2002. They were plagued by unfavorable situations that tarnished Diamond. Musolff told the Daily Mail about the late actor’s aggressive moments. In a fit of rage, Diamond drew a knife on her and threatened to push her off a hotel balcony.

According to Musolff, Diamond was “abusive” and “paranoid,” carrying a knife for safety. While together, the actor was verbally aggressive and unpredictable, she said.

Having a switchblade got Diamond arrested in December 2014. Reckless endangerment, concealing a weapon, and disorderly conduct were prosecuted in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin. Note that Diamond was dating Amanda Schutz, a clown company owner, his fiancée.

When Diamond brandished the weapon, Schutz was with him, leading to his arrest. A lady allegedly harassed Diamond and sucker-punched his fiancée. A man grabbed the woman by the hair, and Diamond drew out his knife, injuring him. On disorderly conduct charges, he served four months in prison but was freed after three months.

Diamond lost Schutz in his personal life. He was dating Tash, who now holds some of his ashes. These turbulent episodes revealed Diamond’s inner turmoil.

Notable Facts about Jennifer Misner

  • Jennifer Misner is the former spouse of Dustin Diamond.
  • They tied the knot in 2009 but parted ways in 2013.
  • In 2005, they jointly established a childcare organization known as the Dustin Diamond Foundation.
  • Jennifer is an experienced sales and marketing expert.
  • She is Holiday Inn Express’s Sales & Marketing Director.
  • Sadly, Dustin Diamond passed away on February 1st, 2021.

Jennifer Misner Net Worth

After working for many companies, Jennifer has a successful sales and marketing career. Her projected $300,000 net worth shows her financial achievement. She is wealthy due to her sales and marketing directorship.

FAQs about Jennifer Misner

1. Who is Jennifer Misner?

Jennifer Misner is best known as Dustin Diamond’s ex-wife. Diamond played “Screech” in Saved by the Bell.

2. When did Jennifer Misner marry Dustin Diamond?

Jennifer Misner and Dustin Diamond married in 2009 after being in a long-term relationship. They later divorced in 2013.

3. What is the Dustin Diamond Foundation?

The Dustin Diamond Foundation was founded by Jennifer Misner and Dustin Diamond in 2005. Its aim was to support organizations specializing in child care, though its website has since been deactivated.

4. How did Jennifer Misner cope with Dustin Diamond’s illness?

Jennifer Misner supported Dustin Diamond after his January 2021 stage-four cancer diagnosis. She helped him fight the disease, but their interactions were private.

5. What is Jennifer Misner’s net worth?

Jennifer Misner made her fortune in sales and marketing. About $300,000 is her estimated net worth.

6. Did Jennifer Misner and Dustin Diamond have children together?

Yes, Jennifer Misner and Dustin Diamond were expecting a child together, but unfortunately, they experienced a miscarriage.

7. What controversies were associated with Dustin Diamond’s life?

Dustin Diamond faced several controversies in his life, including a sex tape scandal in 2006. His legal difficulties included a bar fight prison sentence. Former partners accused him of abuse.

8. What is Jennifer Misner’s current business venture?

Jennifer Misner started a Kentucky small garden business in 2020 during the COVID-19 epidemic. She participates in fundraisers and charitable events and plans to sell live plants.

Wrapping up

Jennifer Misner’s life is a testament to the multifaceted nature of personal and professional journeys. She has more than just been Dustin Diamond’s ex-wife. Jennifer Misner has overcome emotional hurdles like losing an unborn child and her complicated marriage. She worked for several companies in sales and marketing, demonstrating her passion and ability.

Jennifer also started a Kentucky garden company during the COVID-19 outbreak. She showed adaptability and devotion to new prospects with her project.

Jenni Misner has kept her childhood and family origins private. She manages popularity and maintains her personality with this balance between public and private life.

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