Julia Haart Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Career, Wives, And More

Julia Haart net worth of $50 million, is an esteemed fashion designer and has charted a diverse career path. Before making a mark in the fashion industry, she served as the CEO of the media conglomerate Elite World Group. Julia founded her shoe line and was La Perla’s creative director.

Julia Haart has made millions in the fashion industry as a former director of La Perla and CEO of Elite World Group. This article recounts Julia Haart’s amazing rise to business and fashion success.

Julia Haart Net Worth Growth in the past 5 years

Julia Haart’s net worth has undergone a notable evolution over the years:

YearNet Worth
2019$27 Million
2020$300 Million
2021$39 Million
2022$43 Million
2023$50 Million

This financial trajectory highlights the dynamic and impressive growth in Julia Haart’s wealth during this period.

Julia Haart Net Worth Breakdown

Since only Julia Haart and her accountant know her net worth, estimating it requires combining data from numerous sources. If her claim of owning 50% of Elite World Group is false, her net worth could be far lower.

Here’s a simplified breakdown of her net worth sources:

Asset or Income SourceContribution to Net Worth
Stake in EWG<50% = ~$500 million*
CEO of EWG Salary~$400k/month
e1972 Collection EarningsUnknown % of $300 per loungewear and $25k per gown
Book Sales Revenueunknown
My Unorthodox Life payUnknown
Total Net Worth~$600 million

This breakdown highlights Julia Haart’s many money streams and the challenges and uncertainty of identifying her financial status.

How Did Julia Haart Get Rich?

Since 2013, Julia Haart Inc. has been her shoe company, helping her expand her wealth. Her vision was to craft shoes that seamlessly blended style and comfort, marking the start of her entrepreneurial venture.

Her creative prowess captured the attention of La Perla, leading to collaborations on accessory collections. Recognizing her talent, La Perla appointed Julia as their creative director in 2016. Under her guidance, Julia designed a highly successful “ready-to-wear collection” for the brand.

DJulia worked for La Perla and met Silvio Scaglia, an Italian telecom magnate, who would become her husband. Their personal and professional lives intertwined, with Scaglia acquiring La Perla in 2013. The connection deepened, leading to Julia being named the CEO of Elite World Group in 2019, shortly after their marriage.

Despite these successes, Scaglia faced legal troubles related to tax evasion, resulting in his imprisonment and house arrest.

Julia organized the 2017 La Perla Manor runway show with Naomi Campbell and Kendall Jenner, making news. Her creative endeavors extended to designing a dress for Kendall Jenner for the Met Gala that same year.

Assuming the role of CEO at Elite World Group in March 2019, Julia demonstrated excellence in her position. Recently, she expanded her horizons into television, appearing on the Netflix series “My Unorthodox Life” in July 2021. Though criticized by the local Jewish community, the show shows her life as CEO of The Elite World Group.

Quick Facts

Full name/ Real nameJuliaa Leibov
NicknameJulia Haart, Juliaa
Birth date Apr 11, 1971 
BirthplaceMoscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union, (now Russia) 
Age (As of 2023)52 years old
Zodiac SignAries
Marital statusSingle
Spouse Yosef Hendler ​(divorced)​, Silvio Scaglia​(m. 2019; sep. 2022)
Professionfashion designer, entrepreneur, and author

Julia Haart Early Life

Julia Haart’s journey began on April 11, 1971, in Moscow, Russia, where she was initially named Julia Leibov. However, her life’s narrative unfolds with a series of name changes. She was three when her Haredi Jewish family moved to Austin, Texas. She was the oldest of eight siblings.

Only one Jewish student attended an Austin private school. Subsequently, the family relocated to Monsey, New York, integrating into the expansive Haredi community.

Following the completion of her secondary education, Julia ventured to Brooklyn to enroll in the Bais Yaakov Academy. It was during her time at the academy that she independently cultivated the skill of sewing.

In honor of her desire for a more Jewish identity, her friend Roselyn Feinsod, now an Ernst & Young principal, organized a naming ceremony. After marrying Yosef Hendler aged 19, Julia had four children. Her marriage made her sad, and she lost 73 pounds as she negotiated Orthodox life.

Choosing to break free from the Orthodox Jewish community, Julia Haart made a pivotal decision to start anew. This transformation allowed her to reclaim her birth name and protect her daughter Miriam from conformity. She told the New York Times that she left to protect her kid from the same identity demands she had faced.

Physical measurements

Julia Haart’s physical attributes are as follows:

Eye colorBlack
Hair colorBrown
Height5’5″, 165cm
Weight55Kg, 121.254lbs
Body Measurements32-28-30 inch

These details offer a glimpse into Julia Haart’s distinctive physical features.

How many siblings does Julia Haart of ‘My Unorthodox Life’ have?

Julia Haart, in ‘My Unorthodox Life,’ is the oldest of seven siblings. One of her siblings died at 5.

Julia, a 1971 Jewish child, has kept her parents and siblings quiet. After her father died in March 2023, her daughter Miriam made an online video homage to her grandfather.

Crematorium footage showed touching moments from the funeral. Julia’s father told his granddaughter Miriam on his deathbed that he loved her grandmother and had a good life.

Julia’s mother may survive her father’s death. Julia was 3 when her family emigrated from Russia to Austin, Texas. She attended a Jewish-only school. In 4th grade, the family moved to Monsey, New York, to join the large Haredi community.

The career of Julia Haart

Julia Haart’s professional journey began as a Judaic studies teacher at Yeshiva Atlanta, the first Jewish secondary school in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area. Operating under the name Talia Hendler, she gained popularity for her effective teaching style while secretly engaging in life insurance sales on the side.

Fashion Career 

Transitioning to the world of fashion in 2013 after leaving the Haredi community, Haart established her eponymous shoe company. Her mission was to create shoes that seamlessly blended style and comfort. Collaborating with various companies, she utilized NASA gel to craft high-heeled shoes with optimal comfort. In 2016, Haart partnered with the luxury Italian lingerie and swimwear brand La Perla for its spring and fall accessory collections, eventually being appointed as the brand’s creative director.

In this role, she introduced the first stretch Leavers lace, and launched a ready-to-wear lingerie collection with built-in support. Haart’s impact extended to 2017 when she orchestrated a La Perla runway show featuring renowned models such as Naomi Campbell, Sasha Pivovarova, and Lindsey Wixson. The same year, she gained recognition for designing Kendall Jenner’s Met Gala gown, adorned with 85,000 crystals on a single string.

March 2019 marked a pivotal moment as Haart assumed the roles of CEO and CCO at the media conglomerate Elite World Group (EWG), overseeing Elite Model Management. Her leadership at EWG led to the addition of new divisions and a heightened focus on helping models monetize their brands. Concurrently, she became the creative director of the EWG luxury fashion brand e1972, launching a well-received collection.

However, in early 2022, Haart faced a setback when she was terminated by EWG owner and her ex-husband, Silvio Scaglia, on charges of company embezzlement. Paolo Barbieri replaced her as CEO. Despite this, Julia Haart’s impact on the fashion industry remains notable.

Julia Haart Married Life

Julia Haart’s marital journey began at 19, compelled by the conventions of her conservative Jewish society. Despite entering into this union against her will, she spent two decades and bore four children before eventually divorcing her first spouse. In a pivotal turn in 2013, Haart made the bold decision to break away from her ultra-Orthodox community, seeking a secular life and pursuing a career in design.

In 2019, Julia Haart discovered love anew with Silvio Scaglia, the founder of Elite World Group and a highly accomplished Italian entrepreneur. Together, they reshaped Elite World Group into a formidable talent management company under Julia’s leadership. The intricacies of their extraordinary love story and their shared expedition in the dynamic world of fashion are vividly portrayed in the Netflix series titled “My Unorthodox Life.”

Julia Haart and Silvio Scaglia Divorce

Recent reports reveal that Julia Haart and Silvio Scaglia, who exchanged vows in 2019, have arrived at the challenging decision to conclude their marital journey. Notably, during their union, Silvio adopted Julia’s last name, Haart. Sources indicate that a significant source of disagreement stems from Silvio’s intention to sell the company to settle his debts and pursue a new business venture—a plan that Julia does not endorse.

Julia asserts that she has dedicated substantial effort to elevate the company to its current standing. In response to what she perceives as an unjust termination, Julia has taken legal action, emphasizing that Silvio Scaglia, using his full name, once hailed her as the “best CEO they had ever had.”

Julia Haart Family Net Worth

Batsheva Haart: A Rising Influencer

Valued at $4–6 million, Batsheva Haart, Julia’s eldest daughter, is a 30-year-old influencer with a substantial following of over 500,000 on Instagram. Her influence has paved the way for collaborations with major brands such as Amazon and Farmacy Beauty. Notably, in 2021, Batsheva made headlines following her separation from her husband of nine years, Ben Weinstein, citing differences in their visions for the future as the reason for their split.

Miriam Haart: Tech Savvy and Ambitious

Miriam, Julia’s second daughter and a Stanford University computer science graduate, holds the title of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in her mother’s metaverse project, Haart Sphere. Despite being in the public eye due to the show, the project has seen minimal changes. With an estimated net worth of around $500,000, Miriam’s promising future aligns with her tech-focused career.

Yosef Hendler: CEO and Family Man

Julia’s ex-husband, Yosef Hendler, tied the knot with her in 1991 and separated in 2019. As the CEO at DBA Logical Building, Yosef, the biological father of Julia’s four children, maintains a reported net worth of approximately $2 million. In 2021, Yosef entered a new marriage with Aliza Schulhof, and the couple briefly appeared on Season 2, Episode 5 of the show, celebrating Batsheva’s birthday.

Robert Brotherton: Friend and Professional

Known for his strong friendship with Julia Haart, Robert Brotherton, with an estimated net worth of $5.5 million, is almost an honorary Haart. Operating in marketing and operations, Robert’s connection with Julia began during their time at La Perla, where he served as the global director of marketing while Julia was the creative director. Notably, he assumed the position of chief operations officer at Elite World but left in March 2022, coincidentally a month after Julia departed from the company.

Julia Haart’s Lavish Assets: A Glimpse into Her Extravagant Lifestyle

The Tribeca Triplex Penthouse

Julia Haart’s opulent lifestyle is epitomized by her residence in the luxurious Tribeca triplex penthouse, showcased in the Netflix reality series. Valued at an astounding $56 million, this extravagant abode is currently a focal point amid divorce and legal proceedings between Haart and her ex-husband, Silvio Scaglia. Despite court decisions, Haart, the star of “My Unorthodox Life,” continues to reside in the property with her children, raising questions about its future ownership.

In court, Haart asserted her claim to half of the apartment, arguing ownership through her stake in Freedom Holdings. While the condo was purchased by Scaglia’s LLC in 2018, Haart’s representative denies any impropriety, emphasizing compliance with court directives. The legal tug-of-war continues, with status quo orders allowing Julia and her children to remain in the penthouse, at least temporarily.

The $132,000 Bentley

Adding to the drama, Silvio Scaglia filed a police report accusing Julia of ‘unauthorized’ use of the company’s Bentley. The $132,000 luxury car became a focal point in the ongoing legal battles between the ex-spouses. Despite locating the car in a garage owned by Julia, law enforcement’s involvement did not lead to its removal.

Amidst the legal skirmish, Elite World Group (EWG) and Scaglia sought to terminate the lease on the vehicle, raising questions about its fate. The unresolved dispute over the Bentley serves as another intriguing chapter in the complex narrative surrounding Julia Haart’s possessions amidst a high-profile divorce.

Julia Haart’s Impactful Leadership at EWG: A Glimpse into Financial Success

In 2018, Julia Haart assumed a transformative role at Elite World Group (EWG), a talent management company. Reflecting on her tenure in a 2021 interview with Women’s Health, she highlighted the remarkable journey from a $90 million valuation to exceeding $1 billion in just two years under her leadership.

As a co-owner, this success significantly contributed to Julia’s net worth, with an estimated $500,000 stemming from her involvement with EWG. The company’s broad scope includes representing over 5,000 actors, artists, and models globally, counting iconic figures like Kendall Jenner, Iman, and Irina Shayk among its clientele.

Haart emphasized EWG’s commitment to helping renowned personalities leverage social media for sustained careers beyond traditional platforms. The company’s strategy involves empowering clients to capitalize on their passions and narratives, creating a foundation for financial independence and enduring success. Julia’s vision extends beyond conventional modeling, aiming to cultivate a community of financially empowered women with enduring careers.

Working alongside her ex-husband, Italian entrepreneur Silvio Scaglia, Julia’s role as CEO brought substantial financial rewards, reportedly earning almost $2 million annually or $400,000 per month, as reported by Trend Net Worth. This financial success underscores her pivotal role in steering EWG toward unprecedented growth and shaping the careers of countless individuals in the entertainment industry.

Julia Haart: Unveiling a Life Beyond Orthodoxy

My Unorthodox Life Documentary

Julia Haart’s life took center stage in the Netflix documentary miniseries, My Unorthodox Life, which aired in 2021. The series delves into her courageous decision to depart from the Orthodox Haredi Jewish Community. Featuring Julia, her husband Silvio Scaglia, her children, and close friend and business partner Robert Brotherton, the show garnered tremendous success. However, it faced strong criticism from the Orthodox Jewish Community.

Legal Battles Unfold

The narrative took a legal turn when both Haart and Scaglia filed lawsuits against each other. On February 11, 2022, E! News reported Scaglia’s allegation that Haart “illegally transferred” $850,000 from an account owned by Freedom Holding, a subsidiary of EWG, after learning of her dismissal. Haart vehemently denied these accusations. On February 14, E! reported Haart filing an action in a Delaware court, claiming Scaglia “improperly” dismissed her, citing a personal vendetta. The legal back-and-forth intensified.

Settlement and Silence

A turning point occurred as TMZ reported a settlement between Haart and Scaglia. Silvio Scaglia dismissed his $850,000 lawsuit, and Haart, in return, relinquished her pursuit of legal fee coverage. The settlement marked the end of one chapter, but the ongoing fraud and defamation litigations promised more legal drama.

Julia’s Memoir: A Journey from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’

In 2022, Julia, still in her role as CEO, penned a memoir chronicling her journey. Released in March, the book described her evolution from a world of restrictions to one of possibilities. While the exact earnings from the memoir remain undisclosed, it quickly ascended to bestseller status on the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Julia’s memoir serves as an inspiring account, recounting her escape from an extremist sect and her transformation from a housewife to a successful shoe designer and CEO.

Legal Battles Unveiled: Julia Haart vs. Silvio Scaglia

After three years of marriage, the union between Julia Haart and Silvio Scaglia took a legal turn when Scaglia ousted Haart from her role as CEO of Elite Model Management. This move triggered a cascade of legal conflicts, with Haart swiftly responding by suing Scaglia, asserting her ownership of 50% of the business, a claim contested by Scaglia.

Scaglia’s rationale for terminating Haart’s CEO position was rooted in accusations of misappropriating funds. Specifically, Scaglia alleged that Haart had withdrawn $850,000 without proper authorization during her tenure as CEO. In retaliation, Scaglia countersued to reclaim the alleged misappropriated funds.

A month later, Haart initiated divorce proceedings and filed a lawsuit against Scaglia in Delaware, where Freedom Holding, the parent company of Elite World Group (EWG), is headquartered. Haart maintained that she was a 50-50 owner of EWG, presenting a transfer-of-shares document as evidence of her ownership.

Scaglia’s legal team refuted the validity of the transfer, asserting that Haart owned less than 0.01% of EWG. In August 2022, Judge Zurn delivered a ruling affirming Scaglia’s status as a controlling shareholder at EWG and validating Haart’s termination. The judge explicitly stated, “Haart does not own fifty percent of Freedom’s preferred stock.”

According to TMZ, Scaglia withdrew his lawsuit following an agreement with Haart, wherein she dropped her lawsuit against him in exchange for him covering her legal fees. While Haart avoided paying penalties, she had to bear the substantial costs of her legal representation in the case.

Julia’s Vision for Fashion Expansion

In 2021, Julia Haart unveiled ambitious plans for her fashion endeavors, hinting at significant growth in her projects. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, she expressed enthusiasm about relaunching her fashion line, e1972, which had debuted just before the global upheaval. Julia paused its progress but was eager to resume and introduce new elements.

Fans of “My Unorthodox Life” caught glimpses of Julia’s innovative product lines on the show, including vibrant shapewear. She shared that this was merely the tip of the iceberg, with plans to bring the colorful shapewear to stores and online platforms in the coming weeks.

One of Julia’s most groundbreaking ventures was the introduction of e1972’s sizeless clothing line. Challenging traditional size norms, Julia emphasized the beauty of women, irrespective of specific sizes. The concept involved a personalized approach, where customers could effortlessly provide measurements by moving their phone from their head to their waist. These measurements would then be used to craft a completely customized garment, offering a couture piece of clothing ordered from the comfort of one’s bedroom.

While the new line was anticipated to launch in early 2022, specific details about its reception and impact were yet to make headlines. Julia Haart’s innovative and inclusive approach to fashion hinted at a transformative journey in the industry.

FAQs about julia haart net worth

1. What’s Julia Haart’s major source of wealth?

Julia Haart makes most of her money as Elite World Group’s CEO, from her ownership in the firm, from her e1972 collection, from her memoir, and from “My Unorthodox Life.”

2. What legal issues has Julia Haart had with her wealth?

Julia Haart endured legal problems during her divorce from Silvio Scaglia. Her finances are complicated by Elite World Group ownership disputes, misappropriation charges, and legal activities.

3. How does Julia Haart’s net worth comprise assets and income?

Her net fortune comes from her Elite World Group CEO pay, a large part in the firm, book sales, her e1972 collection, and her Netflix role in “My Unorthodox Life.” Her Tribeca condo and Bentley also increase her wealth.

4. How successful was Elite World Group CEO Julia Haart?

Julia Haart successfully increased Elite World Group’s valuation from $90 million to over $1 billion in two years as CEO. She struggled and was fired in early 2022 for embezzlement.

5. What is Julia Haart’s role in “My Unorthodox Life” on Netflix?

“My Unorthodox Life” is a Netflix documentary miniseries about Julia Haart’s rise from the traditional Haredi Jewish community to a fashion superstar. The show about her career and personal hardships has been successful and criticized, especially among Orthodox Jews.

6. How did Julia Haart’s family make her rich?

Julia Haart’s kids Batsheva and Miriam and ex-husband Yosef Hendler are successful. Influencer Batsheva, CTO Miriam, and CEO Yosef boost the family’s wealth.

7. Julia Haart’s future ambitions and projects?

Julia Haart aims to launch a sizeless clothing business. Her business energy persists despite legal issues, and she continues to investigate fashion industry innovations.

Final Thoughts

Julia Haart’s $50 million net worth in 2023 shows her rise from orthodox Haredi Jewish origins to fashion and business stardom. From creating a shoe firm to running Elite World Group, a media conglomerate, her numerous jobs have contributed to her financial success.

Haart’s net wealth has grown despite legal issues like a high-profile divorce from Silvio Scaglia and charges of fund misuse. Her creative, entrepreneurial, and leadership skills have shaped her finances.

With her CEO pay, a large stake in Elite World Group, book sales, and contributions from “My Unorthodox Life,” Julia Haart manages her personal and professional life. Her daughters Batsheva and Miriam have also contributed to the family’s wealth through influence, technology, and business.

As Julia Haart moves on, her Tribeca apartment, Bentley, and plans for new fashion lines demonstrate her resilience and determination to leave an everlasting impact on the fashion business and remain a successful entrepreneur.

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