Maximiliano Camacho Jones: A Musical Journey of Talent, Family, and Philanthropy

Maximiliano Camacho Jones, son of actors Alejandro Camacho and Rebecca Jones, is a Mexican producer, actor, and DJ based in New York City. Despite his famous acting family, Maximiliano has chosen a more private life and has found success in his DJ career.

From the glamour of the film industry to the rhythms of New York City’s DJ scene, Maximiliano Camacho Jones’s story is truly inspiring. Born into a family of iconic actors, this talented individual has carved out his path while staying out of the spotlight.

Step into the world of Maximiliano Camacho Jones, a versatile artist and entertainer. Discover his journey, accomplishments, and unique approach to music as he continues to enchant audiences around the globe.

Who is Maximiliano Camacho Jones?

Who is Maximiliano Camacho Jones?

Maximiliano Camacho Jones, born in 1989, is the son of Mexican actor and producer Alejandro Camacho and the late Mexican-American actress Rebecca Jones. He is also recognized as the half-brother of the emerging actress Francesca Guillén. Despite his lineage, Maximiliano opts for a more private lifestyle, focusing on his DJ career in the bustling city of New York.

While Maximiliano’s rise to fame can be attributed to his parents’ celebrity status, he chooses to remain out of the spotlight, intriguing fans of Alejandro and Rebecca who are eager to learn more about him. However, his story is more than just his famous family connections.

Through his extraordinary journey, we uncover the untold stories of Maximiliano’s life, from his stellar career as a DJ to his personal life, including his relationships and family. Join us as we delve into the life of Maximiliano Camacho Jones, celebrating his remarkable legacy and the indelible mark he has left on the entertainment industry.

Profile Summary of Maximiliano Camacho Jones

Full/Real name Maximiliano Camacho Jones
Birth date 1989
BirthplaceUnited States of America
NationalityAmerican Mexican
Age (As of 2023)34 years old
Zodiac SignUnknown
Ethnicity Hispanic 
Sexual OrientationStraight
FatherAlejandro Jones
MotherRebecca Jones
GrandfatherGordon Jones
SiblingsHalf-Sister: Francesa Gullen
Marital statusMarried
Famous ForRebecca Jones and Alejandro Camacho’s Son
EducationUniversity of Buenos Aires
ProfessionDJ, Musician, Actor
Net Worth$5 Million

Maximiliano Camacho Jones Earlt life

Maximiliano Camacho Jones Earlt life

Maximiliano Camacho Jones, 34, was born in the United States, although his exact birth date remains undisclosed. He celebrates his birthday annually, proudly embracing his American-Mexican nationality and Hispanic heritage while practicing Roman Catholicism.

His father, Alejandro Camacho, is a renowned Mexican actor and producer, while his mother, the late Rebecca Jones Fuentes Berain, was an American actress born on May 21, 1957, who sadly passed away on March 22, 2023. Despite his family’s deep roots in the entertainment industry, Maximiliano followed his passion for music. While details about his formal education are scarce, reports indicate that he pursued music studies in the vibrant city of New York.

Maximiliano’s decision to pursue music was heavily influenced by his grandfather, Gordon Jones, a respected musician from his father’s side, whose legacy continues to inspire him even after his passing in 2007. Details about his schooling are not public, but from a young age, Maximiliano excelled in learning and academics. He later studied Economics at the University of Buenos Aires, where his academic excellence set him apart, shaping a successful path forward.

Maximiliano Camacho Jones Height, weight, and more

Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBrown
Weight70 kg

With brown eyes and matching brown hair, Maximiliano Camacho Jones stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches and weighs approximately 70 kilograms. These physical features, while notable, are just a small part of his overall persona, which is defined by his passion for music and his commitment to his craft. As an artist, Maximiliano’s focus is on creating meaningful connections through his music, using his talents to inspire and uplift his audience. His height, weight, eye color, and hair color are merely external aspects of his identity, with his true essence shining through in his artistry and dedication to his music career.

Maximiliano Camacho Jones Education

Details about Maximiliano Camacho Jones’s schooling are not widely known, but it’s evident that he had a natural talent for learning and academics from a young age. Despite the lack of specifics, his educational journey appears to have laid a strong foundation for his future endeavors.

Maximiliano’s academic path led him to the University of Buenos Aires, where he pursued a degree in Economics. His choice of study reflects a thoughtful decision-making process, indicating a strategic approach to his career development. His academic achievements were exceptional, setting him apart from his peers and shaping a trajectory toward success.

The excellence Maximiliano displayed in his academic pursuits likely provided him with valuable skills and knowledge that he could apply to his professional endeavors. While the details of his educational background remain private, it’s clear that his academic journey played a significant role in shaping his successful path forward.

Alejandro Camacho: Maximiliano Camacho Jones Father

Alejandro Camacho: Maximiliano Camacho Jones Father

Alejandro Camacho, born on July 11, 1954, is a revered figure in the entertainment world, known for his remarkable talents as an actor and producer. Since 1980, his career has been marked by a series of memorable performances in films such as “Bajo la metralla” (1983), “Hurricane” (1997), and “High Risk” (1981). These roles have not only showcased his acting prowess but have also earned him accolades and nominations, solidifying his reputation as a distinguished artist.

Beyond his professional achievements, Alejandro’s personal life has also garnered attention, particularly his marriage to Rebecca Jones, which spanned from 1986 to 2011. This union not only shaped his family life but also added a layer of depth to his public persona, highlighting his commitment to his relationships and the complexities of his journey. Alejandro’s legacy in the entertainment industry and his role as a father to Maximiliano Camacho Jones continue to be central aspects of his life, illustrating the profound impact he has had on both his family and the world of entertainment.

Rebecca Jones: Maximiliano Camacho Jones Mother

Rebecca Jones: Maximiliano Camacho Jones Mother

Rebecca Jones Fuentes Berain, known professionally as Rebecca Jones, was a highly acclaimed Mexican-American actress and the mother of Maximiliano Camacho Jones. Born on May 21, 1957, in Mexico City, she made a significant impact in the entertainment industry with her talent and versatility. Rebecca garnered widespread recognition for her roles in renowned Mexican TV dramas, including “Rayito de Luz,” “El Premio Mayor,” and “Imperio de Cristal,” earning her numerous awards and accolades throughout her career.

She left behind a legacy that extended beyond her professional achievements, as she was also a beloved figure known for her warmth and charisma both on and off the screen. Rebecca’s influence on Maximiliano’s life and career is profound, as her passion for acting and commitment to her craft undoubtedly left a lasting impression on her son.

Francesca Guillén: Maximiliano’s Half-sister

Francesca Guillén: Maximiliano’s Half-sister

The entertainment industry reveres Alejandro Camacho, born July 11, 1954, for his acting and producing skills. Since 1980, he has had outstanding performances in films like “Bajo la metralla” (1983), “Hurricane” (1997), and “High Risk” (1981). These roles have shown his acting talent and gained him nominations and awards, confirming his image as a distinguished artist.

Beyond his professional success, Alejandro’s personal life has gained notice, particularly his 1986–2011 marriage to Rebecca Jones. This union changed his family life and brought complexity to his public character, showcasing his commitment to relationships and his journey. Alejandro’s legacy in the entertainment industry and his role as a father to Maximiliano Camacho Jones show his enormous impact on his family and the entertainment industry.

Gordon Jones: Maximiliano Camacho Jones’s Grandparents

Gordon Jones, the grandfather of Maximiliano Camacho Jones, was a revered musician who left a lasting musical legacy. Gordon rose to stardom with his exceptional skill and dedication to his craft. His melodies and harmonies transcended time and distance, captivating audiences around the world.

Tragically, Gordon passed away prematurely in 2007, but his music continues to live on, inspiring and enchanting listeners. His songs serve as a reminder of the transcendent power of art and the enduring impact it can have on those who experience it. For Maximiliano, his grandfather’s timeless melodies are a source of courage and inspiration as he navigates his music career, carrying on the musical legacy passed down to him.

Maximiliano Camacho Career and Professional Accomplishments

Maximiliano Camacho Career and Professional Accomplishments

Maximiliano Camacho Jones’s journey in the world of art and music is a testament to his unwavering passion and talent. Renowned as a gifted composer, pianist, DJ, and musician, Maximiliano has earned acclaim for his mastery across various musical disciplines. His DJing prowess, in particular, has garnered him widespread recognition in the bustling music scene of New York City.

A true innovator, Maximiliano’s music is a fusion of diverse genres, captivating audiences with its unique blend of styles. His ability to seamlessly integrate different musical influences sets him apart, establishing him as a standout talent in the industry. While his initial aspirations led him toward acting, Maximiliano’s love for music eventually steered him toward a fulfilling career as a musician.

Reflecting on his musical journey, Maximiliano expressed, “Music has always been a driving force in my life. As a DJ, I have the incredible opportunity to share my passion with others and create unforgettable experiences through music.” This sentiment encapsulates his profound connection with music and his commitment to crafting exceptional moments through his art.

Beyond his musical accomplishments, Maximiliano has also achieved significant financial success, with reports estimating his net worth to be around $5 million. While his music career has been a major contributor to his wealth, part of his net worth also stems from his late mother’s wealth, adding a poignant layer to his multifaceted life and career.

Maximiliano’s Relationship Status

Maximiliano’s Relationship Status

Maximiliano Camacho Jones values his privacy and chooses to keep his personal life out of the spotlight, focusing instead on his music career. Speculations suggest that Maximiliano Camacho Jones is currently single, as little is known about his romantic life. No public sightings or reports indicate him being in any relationships, and there is no information available regarding him having children or being involved in any romantic affairs.

Living alone in his apartment in New York City, Maximiliano’s personal life remains a mystery to the public. There is no indication of any imminent plans for marriage or serious relationships, as he seems content to dedicate his time and energy to his music and maintaining a low-key lifestyle.

Maximiliano Camacho Jones’s Achievements

Established DJ in NYCMaximiliano Camacho Jones has successfully established himself as a respected DJ in the highly competitive New York City music scene.
Prestigious PerformancesHe has performed at renowned venues and events, including festivals, clubs, and exclusive private parties.
Critically Acclaimed ReleasesMaximiliano Camacho Jones has released music and remixes that have garnered critical acclaim and recognition in the industry.
CollaborationsHe has collaborated with renowned artists and producers, further enhancing his influence and reputation.
Positive Reviews and AccoladesHis unique sound and dynamic performances have earned him positive reviews and accolades from both critics and audiences.

Maximiliano Camacho Jones has achieved remarkable success in his career as a DJ. He has established himself as a respected figure in the highly competitive music scene of New York City, performing at prestigious venues and events that include festivals, clubs, and exclusive private parties. His music releases and remixes have received critical acclaim, contributing to his growing influence in the industry. Collaborations with renowned artists and producers have further elevated his reputation. Maximiliano’s unique sound and energetic performances have garnered positive reviews and accolades, highlighting his creative versatility and determination to forge his path in the entertainment industry.


Maximiliano Camacho Jones’s passion for electronic music is deeply intertwined with his relationship with his mother, a famous actress. Her influence and the allure of music drove him to DJ instead of performing, which led to artistic expression and personal fulfillment. Maximiliano went modest, polishing his skills in New York City’s bustling music scene, despite the chance for fame and notoriety in acting. His drive to master his trade while keeping a quiet profile shows his enthusiasm for the art.

Moreover, Maximiliano’s support for his mother during her battle with cancer underscores his compassionate nature and strong familial bonds. Throughout his singing career, he stood by her side, offering love and empathy in the face of adversity. This period impacted his character and drove his music career ambitions. Maximiliano’s perseverance and dedication to his passions demonstrate the significance of keeping true to oneself in life.

Maximiliano Camacho Jones’s Philanthropic and Social Engagement

Maximiliano Camacho Jones's Philanthropic and Social Engagement

Inspired by his mother’s courageous battle with cancer, Maximiliano Camacho Jones is deeply involved in philanthropy, particularly in cancer awareness. He actively engages in charitable endeavors to raise awareness, provide support, and fund vital research for cancer. Maximiliano uses his influence in the entertainment industry to amplify the voices of cancer survivors and organizations dedicated to finding a cure.

Recognizing the power of music to unite and inspire, Maximiliano organizes benefit concerts and charity performances to generate funds for cancer research and support programs. These events not only raise significant donations but also serve as platforms to spread awareness and foster community support in the fight against cancer.

In addition to his work in cancer awareness, Maximiliano extends his philanthropic efforts to various other causes, including education, youth empowerment, and environmental sustainability. He collaborates with organizations dedicated to positive change in these areas, leveraging his influence and resources to make a meaningful impact.

Maximiliano’s philanthropic endeavors reflect his genuine commitment to social responsibility, inspiring others to join him in creating positive change. Through his actions, he exemplifies the importance of using one’s platform for the greater good, encouraging others to contribute to causes that matter to them.

Maximiliano Camacho Jones Net Worth

Key HighlightsDetails
Estimated Net Worth$5 million
ProfessionProducer, Actor, DJ
Main Sources of IncomeProducing, Acting, DJing

Maximiliano Camacho Jones has an estimated net worth of $5 million, earned through his diverse career as a producer, actor, and DJ in the entertainment industry. His main sources of income include producing projects, acting in film and television, and performing as a DJ at various events and venues. This multifaceted approach to his career has allowed Maximiliano to establish himself as a versatile and successful figure in the entertainment world, contributing to his impressive net worth.

Maximiliano Camacho Jones Social Media Accounts

Despite the prevalence of social media in connecting celebrities with their fans, Maximiliano Camacho Jones has chosen not to use these platforms. In an era defined by digital communication and virtual interactions, Maximiliano’s decision to maintain a modest social media presence sets him apart from many of his peers in the entertainment industry.

Maximiliano’s choice to abstain from social media reflects his desire to preserve a sense of intimacy and mystery for his audience. By eschewing these platforms, he creates a more intriguing presence, allowing his work and talent to speak for themselves without the constant updates and posts often associated with celebrity life.

Despite his lack of social media presence, Maximiliano’s impact on the entertainment industry remains significant. His dedication to his craft and his ability to captivate audiences serves as a reminder of the power of talent and artistic expression to transcend the digital realm and leave a lasting impression.


Maximiliano Camacho Jones is a talented DJ, composer, pianist, and musician known for his exceptional skills and contributions to the music industry. Despite being born into a family of renowned actors, Maximiliano chose to forge his path in music, following his passion and carving out a successful career for himself. He has established himself as a respected DJ in the competitive New York City music scene, performing at prestigious venues and events and releasing critically acclaimed music and remixes.

Maximiliano is also known for his philanthropic efforts, particularly in cancer awareness, as he uses his platform to raise awareness and support for those affected by the disease. Despite his success, Maximiliano prefers a low-key lifestyle, focusing on his music career and maintaining a modest social media presence. His dedication to his craft, combined with his compassion and commitment to social causes, reflects his character and the impact he has made in both the music industry and the community.

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