Neil Jason Wharton: The Untold Story of Vince Neil’s Son

Neil Jason Wharton, the only son of Mötley Crüe’s lead vocalist, Vince Neil, has ventured beyond the boundaries of his father’s legendary music career. In addition to Vince’s pursuits in acting and business, NeilV Jason has charted his course in the music industry.

Neil Jason was raised by his mother as a single parent after his parents’ divorce. While his father is a heavy metal legend, Neil Jason has become a star. He became the frontman of Rock N Roll Junkies, continuing the history of musicians’ offspring becoming musicians.

Neil Jason is happily married to Marie and has a lovely family. The couple is proud of their two gorgeous kids. Today, we explore Neil Jason Wharton’s artistic journey, family life, and intriguing facts of his unique narrative.

Join us to learn about Neil Jason Wharton’s life, from his early years to his low-key marriage, and his music career and family memories.

Quick Facts

Full name Neil Jason Wharton
Birth date 03 Oct, 1978
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, united States
Age (As of 2023)45 years old
Zodiac SignLibra
Ethnicity Mixed
FatherVince Neil
MotherTami Jones
Siblings2, Elizabeth Ashley(half-sister), Late Skyler(half-sister)
Marital statusMarried
SpouseMarie Wharton 
Children5: Two Biological Kids: Trace Vincent Neil (son), Hailee Marie(daughter) And Three Step-Kids, 
Famous ForBeing the Son of Vince Neil
ProfessionGuitarist, Frontman of Rock ‘n’ Roll Junkies
Networth $5 million

Early Life and Childhood

Neil Jason Wharton entered the world on October 3, 1978, in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California. At the age of 44, he carries American nationality, hailing from a Christian family, with his zodiac sign being Libra, given his October 3rd birthdate.

He is related to Motley Crue vocalist, guitarist, and musician Vince Neil. Neil Jason’s mother is Tami Jones, while his father’s previous relationship with Beth Lynn gave him a half-sister named Elizabeth Ashley. Sadly, his other half-sister Skylar died of cancer.

Neil Jason Wharton Education 

As for his educational journey, Jason navigated his formative years through a local private school in Los Angeles. His academic voyage culminated in graduation from a reputable university in his hometown. However, specific details regarding the names of these institutions remain undisclosed, shrouding his early academic experiences in a bit of mystery.

Neil Jason Wharton’s Physical appearance and more

Eye colorDark brown
Hair colorBlonde
Height5’9″, 175cm
Weight70Kg, 154lbs
Favorite ColorBlue
Lucky Number11
Lucky StonePeridot

Neil Jason Wharton’s impressive appearance matches his attractive personality. He is mesmerizing at 5’9″ (175cm). Neil Jason’s 70 kilograms (154lbs) weight and in shape physique enhance his gorgeous appeal.

His chocolate brown eyes are intriguing and enchanting. His golden hair adds to his charm. Neil Jason’s round face compliments his symmetry, providing a harmonious appearance.

Neil Jason has preferences and symbolic associations beyond his appearance. Blue, his favorite hue, shows his taste. Adding to his unique personality, he considers 11 his lucky number and the peridot his lucky stone.

Vince Neil: Neil Jason Wharton’s Father

Neil Jason Wharton with his father and Pamela Anderson.

Vince Neil was born Vincent Neil Wharton in Hollywood, California, on February 8, 1961. He has Mexican and Native American ancestors. He is Shirley and Clois ‘Odie’ Wharton’s proud son. Vince faced several hardships in his youth, including many moves across the US. After seeing Inglewood and Watts, the family settled on Glendora.

His education began at Sunflower Intermediate School and continued at Royal Oak High School. Despite many early challenges, Vince Neil’s love of music blossomed in high school. He enjoyed basketball, surfing, wrestling, and football while pursuing a music career. Vince Neil’s upbringing prepared him for music stardom.

Tami Jones: Neil Jason Wharton’s Mother

Neil Jason Wharton with his mother

Neil Jason Wharton’s mother, Tami Jones, holds a significant place in the life of the “Tattoos & Tequila” singer, Vince. Their story dates back to 1977, as Neil Jason shared in an interview with Ozmail.

The connection between Vince and Tami traces back to their high school days, when fate brought them together. In a moment etched in time, Vince emerged from the boy’s room with a broken leg, a result of a skating mishap. Tami, having caught sight of the aspiring rockstar, felt a sense of compassion.

According to Neil Jason’s account, Tami’s empathy sparked when she noticed Vince in need. “She wanted to help him with his books, and he smiled at her. That’s what caught her eye,” Neil himself revealed, shedding light on this charming chapter of his parents’ history. The anecdote captures the serendipitous nature of their meeting, marking the beginning of a connection that would shape the future of Vince and Tami.

How Did Temi and Vince Meet? 

The story of Neil Jason Wharton’s parents, Temi and Vince, is a traditional high school love story, however, their first encounter is unknown. Neil told Ozmail the delightful story in an exclusive interview.

Neil says his father Vince, who fronted Rockandi in 1978, met Temi. Vince injured his leg skating at the Glendora pipeline while attending the same school. Temi, touched by compassion, helped him, and Neil’s parents’ smile forged a lasting bond.

Neil laughed at it, “I’ve heard plenty. The most memorable was when my dad shattered his leg skateboarding. The Glendora pipeline was his skating spot. Mum saw him leaving the guys’ room and felt sorry for him. He grinned when she offered to help him with his books. That attracted her eye.”

This unexpected meeting led to a romance between two under-20s who started dating. Their relationship grew and they had their first kid, starting a family from a high school romance.

Neil Wharton Jason Career: Rock star like his father.

After completing his education, Neil Jason Wharton embarked on a journey that resonated with the echoes of his father’s musical legacy. Before joining the music industry, he worked at Harrah’s Casinos in Laughlin, Nevada, at the front desk.

Neil’s love of rock music began early and shaped his career. Today, he proudly stands as the frontman of Rock ‘n’ Roll Junkkies, a band paying tribute to the iconic Crue. The ensemble comprises talented musicians, including Steven Talbott on guitar, Matty Vincent on bass, and Patrick Labuda on drums.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Junkkies have left their mark on various stages across the United States, showcasing their musical prowess. Notably, they participated in the Crue Fest in Los Angeles and Cleveland in 2005, contributing to the noble cause of raising funds for the Skylar Neil Memorial Foundation.

In addition to his role as a frontman, Neil Jason Wharton finds joy in playing the guitar and bass, further enriching his musical repertoire. His journey reflects not only a continuation of the rock legacy but also a unique contribution to the vibrant world of music.

More About Neil Jason Wharton’s Professional Career

American guitarist Neil Jason Wharton was inspired by his father, Vince. His musical career began in the 1980s when he and his pals formed “Rock N Roll.”

The band started performing locally and then internationally. Lead singer and guitarist Neil Jason is joined by excellent drummer Patrick, bassist Metty Vincent, and drummer Steven.

Jason supports the Skyler Neil Memorial Foundation outside of music. This organization, named after his late half-sister Skyler Lynnae Neil, addresses cancer’s effects on individuals and families.

In contrast, Jason’s father, Vince, is the lead singer of Motley Crue. Vince’s career includes “Too Fast For Love” in 1981 and “Shout at the Devil” in 1983, the year’s best-selling record.

Vince left Motley Crue in 1992 to pursue a solo career. His 1993 solo debut, “Exposed,” became a Billboard hit. The band reunited with Vince in 1997, resulting in songs including “New Tattoo,” “Generation Swine,” and “Saint Of Los Angeles.” The rock and metal scene is enriched by father-son musical ties.

Neil’s Band performed to raise money for Aurora Theater shooting victims.

In a heartfelt gesture of support and compassion, Neil’s band took the stage to raise funds for the victims of the tragic Aurora Theater shooting in 2012. The devastating event claimed the lives of twelve individuals, prompting a community response to provide aid for the affected families.

Rock-and-Roll Junkies, along with seven other local bands, organized a benefit performance at the Grizzly Rock in Lakewood. The aim was clear: to collect donations that would directly contribute to supporting the families of the victims. This charitable event, aptly named “Rockfest for Aurora,” served as a platform for the community to come together and offer assistance in the wake of such a profound tragedy.

Neil’s wife’s friend Rebecca Wingo died in the horrible incident. Those who knew Rebecca, a single mother with two girls ages five and nine, were forever changed. For CBS Denver, Neil said, “Every penny we raise, every dollar we make, goes directly to the families of the victims, and that’s the least we could do.” This touching occurrence shows how music and community can overcome misfortune to help.

His parents divorced after his birth.

The love story of Neil Jason’s parents took a turn after the arrival of their son on October 3, 1978. At the time, they were still teenagers, having enjoyed a period of connection and affection.

However, the bliss surrounding Neil’s birth marked a turning point in his parents’ relationship. According to Jason, despite sharing nearly two years, his parents’ connection began to unravel following his arrival.

In 1978, the year of Neil’s birth, the couple decided to part ways. Vince, faced with a demanding schedule, found himself residing with his mother. Neil’s ability to live with his father was hindered by the challenges posed by Vince’s busy lifestyle. Consequently, Neil began splitting his time between his mother and father, navigating the complexities of a separated family dynamic. This chapter in Neil Jason’s family history reflects the delicate balance between personal lives and professional commitments that many families grapple with.

After separating, Neil Jason Wharton lived with his mother.

Following the birth of their child, Vince and Temi went their separate ways, a decision that Neil attributes to a year-and-a-half or two-year dating period. Initially, Neil experienced the shared love and care of both his parents.

However, the demands of Vince’s hectic schedule prompted a shift in living arrangements for Neil. As a result, he began residing primarily with his mother, navigating the changes that come with parents living separate lives. This adjustment marked a chapter in Neil Jason Wharton’s life where the challenges of parental commitments and individual pursuits influenced the dynamics of his living situation.

Neil appeared in his father’s music video with Pamela Anderson.

In the music video for “Can’t Have Your Cake” in 1993, Neil Jason made a memorable appearance alongside former actress Pamela Anderson. Portraying a young Vince Neil in the video, Neil shared his admiration for Anderson, describing her as one of the nicest and sweetest individuals he has ever met.

Reflecting on the experience, Neil expressed gratitude for Pamela’s assistance during the filming, acknowledging her significant help. She was easy to work with and helped him navigate film creation, saying, “She helped me out a lot because I didn’t know what I was doing.” Neil’s involvement in his father’s music and the entertainment industry’s support and friendship were shown in this collaboration.

Who Is Neil Jason Wharton’s Wife?

Neil Jason has been happily married to Marie Wharton for years. Their wedding date is unknown, although they married over a decade ago.

The Whartons have chosen to keep their love life private, refraining from public appearances together. However, a glimpse into Neil and Marie’s social media profiles reveals that their honeymoon phase is still alive and well. The couple frequently shares affectionate photos of each other, accompanied by heartfelt captions that reflect the enduring love between them.

In a poignant post from 2016, Neil shared a beautiful photograph featuring Marie and their daughter, expressing his deep affection. The caption reads, “These two ladies have my heart and soul. I wake up to them every morning, and the biggest smile immediately hits my face. I think, how the hell did I get so lucky?! My heart. My soul. My wife. My daughter. My world. This woman has given me two beautiful children and also three amazing boys that I call my own.” Neil’s words showcase the profound gratitude and love he feels for his family, underscoring the joy they bring to his life.

Neil Jason Wharton has two biological and three stepkids.

Neil Jason Wharton, together with his wife Marie, shares the joy of parenting two biological children. The journey into parenthood commenced in 2011 with the arrival of his firstborn, a son named Trace. Subsequently, in January 2015, the family welcomed another bundle of joy, a daughter named Hailee Marie. The announcement of Hailee Marie’s birth was shared with the world by Neil’s father on Twitter, complete with details such as her weight (6 lbs 12 ounces) and length (20 inches).

Beyond their biological children, Neil plays a crucial role as a stepfather to three sons from Marie’s previous relationships. Although he doesn’t frequently discuss his stepsons in public, Neil has expressed numerous times how fortunate he feels to be their father. Among his stepsons is Christian, also known as Caelum, who exhibits his singing talent. Neil’s partner, Marie, frequently showcases Christian’s musical abilities by sharing his music videos.

In 2016, Neil needed medical treatment, so friends organized a Facebook campaign to help.

During an interview with Ozmail, Neil shared a personal revelation about having had a crush on a girl named Joelle. Their paths crossed while working on the video for “Can’t Have Your Cake.” These personal anecdotes offer a glimpse into Neil Jason Wharton’s multifaceted life, showcasing his roles as a loving father, stepfather, and musician.

Neil’s Other Wife Rumors

Contrary to widespread online speculation, Neil Jason Wharton is not married to his long-time girlfriend Jennifer Bonet, as many sources suggest. The truth is evident from Neil’s social media activity, which unequivocally confirms that he is happily married to his wife Marie, not Jennifer. It’s essential to rely on accurate information rather than succumbing to rumors that inaccurately portray Neil’s marital status.

Neal Jason’s Band Does Charity Work

Neil Jason Wharton has actively contributed to numerous philanthropic endeavors, demonstrating a strong commitment to charitable causes, including his father’s Skylar Neil Memorial Fund. This fund serves to aid children battling various illnesses, particularly cancer. Neil has not only lent his support to these causes but has also organized fundraising concerts for various charities, showcasing his dedication to making a positive impact in the community.

One notable instance of Neil’s charitable efforts occurred in 2012 in response to the tragic Aurora theater shooting, where 12 lives were lost. Neil, along with his band Rock ‘n’ Roll Junkkies, spearheaded a fundraising initiative for the victims’ families. This involved performing alongside seven other local bands at the Grizzly Rock in Lakewood. In an interview with CBS Denver, Neil emphasized their commitment, stating that every penny raised goes directly to the families affected, emphasizing the importance of their contributions during such challenging times.

Additionally, Neil and his band actively support the Skylar Neil Memorial Foundation. This foundation, established by Neil’s father after the passing of Neil’s half-sister Skylar Lynnae Neil, focuses on raising awareness to prevent various illnesses affecting children. By actively engaging in charity work and leveraging his musical platform, Neil Jason Wharton exemplifies a strong commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Facts about Neil Jason Wharton

  1. Rock-N-Roll Junkies lead singer Neil Jason Wharton is lauded for his musical prowess. He is known professionally as the band’s frontman.
  2. Neil and Jennifer Bonet joyously welcomed Vincent Neil’s baby on October 14, 2011, bringing joy to their family.
  1. Neil Jason Wharton has a $5 million net worth due to his successful profession.
  2. Neil has performed on international venues with his buddies Steven, Metty Vincent, and drummer Patrick, exhibiting their musical talent and gaining praise.
  3. As the son of Vince Neil, a famous American musician, Neil is further cemented in the music lineage. His diverse talents and notable accomplishments maintain his entertainment business repute.

Neil Jason Wharton Net Worth And Salary

Celebrity net worth and earnings are often of interest. Due to his excellent music career, Neil Jason Wharton has an estimated $5 million net worth.

Due to his successful music career, his father, Vince, has a $50 million net worth. Neil Jason Wharton owns luxury cars and other properties in addition to music. His father, Vince, owns a collection of luxury cars, including the 2001 Ferrari 360 Modena F1, 2002 Hummer H2, 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, 2008 Bentley Continental GT Speed, 1932 Ford, and Mercedes SL600.

The wealth of Neil Jason Wharton comes from his many business activities, lavish assets, and successful musical career.

Neil Jason Wharton Social Media

Social MediaInstagram

Neil Jason Wharton maintains a discreet online presence, particularly on social media platforms. While he refrains from active engagement on various platforms like Facebook and Twitter, he does have an Instagram account with a following of more than 1200 individuals. However, it’s worth noting that his Instagram activity is limited, reflecting his preference for a more private and confidential online presence.

This inclination toward privacy suggests that Neil values keeping aspects of his life away from the public eye. Whether due to a busy schedule or personal preference, he has chosen not to establish personal accounts on popular social networking sites beyond Instagram. This decision aligns with his desire to maintain a level of separation between his public persona and his personal life.

Final Words

Neil Jason Wharton, son of Mötley Crüe vocalist Vince Neil, has created his own rock music story. Neil Jason, the frontman of Rock ‘n’ Roll Junkies, has followed in his father’s footsteps and created his niche.

He is a philanthropist who supports his interests despite growing up in the spotlight and his parents’ split. His efforts for the Skylar Neil Memorial Foundation and victims of tragedies like the Aurora theater shooting show his dedication to helping others.

Neil Jason Wharton enjoys being a loving spouse to Marie Wharton and a dedicated parent to their children. He has confirmed on social media that he is happily married to Marie, dispelling speculations.

With an estimated $5 million net worth, Neil Jason’s music career shows talent and dedication. His story reflects his originality and resilience in the changing rock and roll industry as well as the Neil family tradition.

Neil Jason Wharton’s contributions to the industry and his causes go beyond the music notes as he writes his tale on and off the stage.

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