Shi Qi (Qiwiie): Teacher, Content Creator, and Entrepreneur Making Waves on TikTok

Shi Qi, affectionately known as Qiwiie, is a Malaysian educator, digital content creator, and entrepreneur. This lively personality has won over a million TikTok fans with her teaching and social media skills.

Shi Qi, 26, posts on TikTok about her fun interactions with her young students and her job as a teacher. Her students humorously imitate YouTuber Steven He’s “emotional damage” statement in one of her favourite videos.

The video went beyond TikTok, attracting Malaysian comic Nigel Ng. Steven He praised the students. Shi Qi’s 1.5 million TikTok fans adore her touching talks with students, which provide a positive supply of content.

Shi Qi is a successful Malaysian social media influencer because she combines education, entertainment, and humour.


Full/Real name Shi Qi  
Birth date April 2, 1997
BirthplaceKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Age (As of 2023)26 years old
Zodiac SignAries
Ethnicity Update soon
Sexual OrientationStraight
ParentsUpdate soon
SiblingsUpdate soon
Marital StatusDating Someone
BoyfriendNot Reveal
Famous ForShi Qi (Qiwiie) (Teacher)
Eye colorBlack
Hair colorDark Brown
Height5’4″, 160cm
ProfessionTeacher, Content Creator, & Entrepreneur
Net worthUpdate soon
Contact HerEmail – [email protected]

Shi Qi Early life and education

At 26, Malaysian Shi Qi, commonly known as Qiwiie, recalls her childhood in Kuching, Sarawak. Recalling her childhood “faith bubble,” she recalls her Chinese, upper-middle-class, Christian classmates. Shi Qi, a churchgoer, grew up in an English-speaking environment and attended an international school.

She attended Chung Hua (SJK) Primary School No.3 and studied in the US after graduating from UPSR. She graduated from Lodge International School in 2014. She then received a bachelor’s degree in education with a 3.93 GPA from the University of Central Oklahoma. After graduating and working for a year, she returned to Kuching, Malaysia.

Her father’s church and professional involvement shaped Shi Qi’s upbringing. She models many of his traits. The oldest of three siblings, Shi Qi, was an extrovert and natural leader who felt pressure to succeed.

In 2015, Shi Qi left small-town life, packed her bags, and moved to the US for college. This life change gave her new experiences and chances.

Shi Qi’s story of faith, leadership, and personal growth is shaped by her culture and family. Her life is diversified, from a faith-centered childhood in Malaysia to studying in the US.

Qiwiie Shi’s Work Experience

Shi Qi has a varied career that shows her dedication to education and community:

She contributed to academics as the University of Central Oklahoma’s Lead Research Assistant for 1.5 years.

She became a First Grade Teacher at College Bound Academy from July 2019 to June 2020, moulding young students’ education.

Shi Qi completed a four-month internship at the office of Member of Parliament YB Hannah Yeoh in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to add civic participation to her resume.

She co-founded “But Honestly,” a card game platform that encourages meaningful conversations and friendships, demonstrating her entrepreneurial energy.

As a teacher at R.E.A.L Education Group (Real Schools) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Shi Qi is having an effect. Her academic and humanitarian contributions show her commitment to education.

Shi Qi Business sense and a place for meaningful conversations

By starting important businesses in 2021, Shi Qi showed her entrepreneurial spirit. She explains why she created the popular card game But Honestly. “I needed to augment my income owing to financial constraints and wanted to start a meaningful business. Card games arose as key products from many ideas “, she says.

Shi Qi collaborated with friends from her home church, Faith Methodist Church in Kuching, drawing inspiration from their youth group’s openness, joys, and problems. Create a supportive cell group-like experience outside the church to spread this sense of community.

She attributed their game victory to divine favour, despite doubts. The ‘But Honestly’ card game was funded by RM50,000 on Kickstarter. The game now reaches a global audience, meeting the founders’ dreams.

She notes that players have cried during games. She recounts card game-related romantic relationships with a tinge of humour, demonstrating its ability to create authentic and emotional encounters.

From a card game to a movement, ‘But Honestly’ promotes meaningful talks and true friendships. Shi Qi’s entrepreneurial experience includes financial achievement and the establishment of a platform that connects and moves participants.

Shi Qi Living in the spotlight

Shi Qi thrives in the spotlight and excels in front of the camera. She is a natural talent on stage and screen due to her charisma, grin, and ease.

She runs But Honestly and her social media channels in addition to teaching. “I love social media—it’s my hobby,” she says. At first, she tried covering famous songs and trends on TikTok with limited success. She changed course when she broadcast a video of her return to Kuching after Malaysia lifted travel bans. She was surprised when the video got 100,000 views overnight.

Shi Qi went famous after releasing footage of her students after realising the audience was interested in her personal life. Amused, she says, “I knew I’d found my niche.”

Despite trying to diversify from her ‘teacher’ identity, Shi Qi says her instructional substance always excels. Seeing how her teaching affects others and receiving genuine feedback gives her purpose. She has turned social media into a lucrative cash stream with over a million TikTok followers. She confesses to a learning curve in digital boundary setting as an influencer.

“My world came crashing down.”

A profound shift occurred in Shi Qi’s life, abruptly altering the familiar world she had known. She describes feeling like a foreigner, grappling with a new reality that seemed to shatter her world. In a quest for comfort and a sense of belonging, Shi Qi candidly admits to seeking solace in the wrong places, a choice she deems as “the worst choice I ever made in my life.”

She felt far from God at this difficult time. She complained to God, “I’ve been such a good Christian girl my whole life, so let me do what I want for the first time!” In limbo, she participated in church events but felt like God wasn’t her major focus.

She still appreciates the challenge. She has improved, but she admits that reconnecting with God is continuous. Her admittance shows a sincere desire to find her faith and reconnect with God.

Shi Qi Malaysian teacher-influencer apologises, confesses bag-searching video was sponsored.

Malaysian instructor and influencer Shi Qi on TikTok, was criticised for compromising pupils’ privacy after sharing a video. She took candy from students’ bags during a break and ate them in the sponsored video. After the internet backlash, Shi Qi withdrew the controversial video and most of her student-related posts from social media.

She apologised on social media for not getting permission before using students’ luggage as props. She stated that the movie included no students, unlike her recent recordings with parental authorization. The video was removed within 20 minutes, but copies propagated on social media.

The Malaysian Education Minister, Fadhlina Sidek, said the Ministry is investigating and will act after receiving a report. After the apology, some TikTok users demanded a clear line between content creation and education, while others supported the influencer. The episode highlights the difficulties of balancing personal content creation and teaching.

Faith-filled communities make all the difference.

Upon returning from the United States, Shi Qi relocated to Kuala Lumpur, undertaking an internship with Hannah Yeoh, the current Minister of Youth and Sports. Subsequently, she secured a teaching position. The initial months, marked by the challenges of the pandemic in 2020, were demanding. A lifeline during this period emerged in the form of supportive, faith-based communities found both in the church and the workplace.

She emphasizes the significance of community within the church for her. Her introduction to the church happened through her friends who serve as pastors at Kingdomcity KL. Grateful for the Christian camaraderie, she highlights the positive impact of having like-minded co-workers in fostering a supportive community. However, she candidly acknowledges the difficulty in finding a sense of belonging within the church.

Currently serving as an assistant cell leader, Shi Qi admits to an ongoing quest to feel more at home and truly part of the community. While the sermons resonate with her, and the community demonstrates care, she openly shares that the journey to finding her place within the church is still unfolding.

Seeding the next generation

Teacher was not Shi Qi’s primary job choice. When choosing a tertiary field, she considered marketing or acting. However, following rigorous prayer about her next plans, she felt a deep love and duty for children. People around her, unaware of her transitional phase, praised her innate affection for kids, confirming her course.

This coincidence confirmed her calling to education. Over the past three years, Shi Qi has found great fulfilment in teaching. She loves teaching and notes the uniqueness of relationships with kids and students. A dynamic and productive atmosphere results from their willingness to forgive each other after disagreements.

Shi Qi, a Life Skills teacher at a Kuala Lumpur private school, teaches elementary and secondary pupils. Her classes cover everything from financial literacy and sex education to gardening. She sincerely loves her students and never dreads going to work. She enjoys seeing them every day.

Concern for Christians trying to fit into ‘church culture’.

Shi Qi compassionately understands that many Christians may feel alienated from ‘church culture.’ She says this conflict is common, especially for people who have withdrawn themselves or are trying to fit in at church.

Shi Qi emphasises grace for such people, expressing understanding. She discusses her own experiences with judgement in the Christian community and the necessity for a supportive community that walks alongside people on their spiritual journey.

She emphasises that Christian community is essential. She believes that while individuals may think they can grow alone, true growth occurs in the company of God-loving, encouraging people. She strongly believes that spiritual growth and guidance come from travelling with like-minded people.

When you love God, loving others is easy.

Grace has enriched Shi Qi’s life as a teacher, content producer, influencer, leader, and business owner. After reflecting on her experiences, she realises that her love for God has the greatest impact on others.

Shi Qi says real dedication to God makes loving others and making a difference spontaneous and uncomplicated. She notices the difference when God isn’t her first priority; the impact is weaker.

Her greatest satisfaction comes from knowing she’s changed someone’s life. She’s thrilled when a child confides in her a secret they wouldn’t tell anybody else.

She emphasises the reward of pursuing God’s kingdom first, citing Matthew 6:33. This text reminds her to refocus and live for God’s righteousness whenever her priorities change.

She gets great joy in realising and appreciating friends and family’s trust, love, and care. She says these moments are now intentional and treasured.

The film later got the notice of Malaysian content maker Nigel Ng, also known as Uncle Roger.

Nigel Ng, a Malaysian content maker known for his Uncle Roger character, noticed the video. In an update video broadcast on March 13, Shi Qi joyfully told her students that Uncle Roger had shared the film with Steven He, the original memester.

Steven He created a video for the pupils, which Shi Qi played in class. The YouTuber joked, “Keep doing good in school or I send you to failure management.” The film made students giggle, making it a memorable moment.

Popular TikTok Teacher Qiwiie Was “Cancelled” for Violating Students’ Privacy.

Popular TikTok teacher Shi Qi was criticised for compromising students’ privacy in her videos. Qiwiie devouring candy and digging into students’ bags during break was sponsored content, which a Twitter user re-uploaded. The Twitter user tagged Malaysia’s Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek, who responded.

Quickiie withdrew the video and apologised, saying it was recorded during break time and the gummies were in the bags before shooting. She stressed that she always gets student and parent permission before using them in recordings.

In the incident, a parent claimed to have allowed Qiwiie to film a video with her kid but objected to its reposting on Twitter.

Qiwiie erased all child-related TikTok videos. The Education Minister promised to examine and act on complaints. It prompted concerns about violating pupils’ privacy and regarding child-created content.

Facts about Shi Qi


  • Shi Qi gained significant attention for her viral video titled “emotionallll damageee,” which stands out as one of her highest-viewed and most popular content.
  • Expressing her aspirations, Shi Qi’s dream project involves opening a school and tuition center, reflecting her commitment to education.
  • In terms of language proficiency, Shi Qi is multilingual, with the ability to speak Malay, Chinese, and English fluently.
  • Her family has two younger brothers and she is the oldest.
  • Shi Qi keeps her relationship status hidden. Despite dating rumours, she has not publicly divulged her romantic life. Any other insights are currently unknown.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Shi Qi (Qiwiie)

1. Who is Shi Qi, and why is she known as Qiwiie?

Shi Qi, also known as Qiwiie, is a popular Malaysian teacher, digital content creator, and entrepreneur. She gained fame on TikTok, where she shares wholesome content, often featuring interactions with her students. Qiwiie is a nickname or online persona she goes by.

2. What is Shi Qi’s full name and birthdate?

Ting Shi Qi was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on April 2, 1997.

3. What’s Shi Qi’s education?

Shi Qi graduated from Lodge International School after attending Chung Hua (SJK) Primary School No.3. At the University of Central Oklahoma, she earned a bachelor’s degree in education.

4. How did Shi Qi help create the But Honestly card game?

However, Shi Qi co-founded the card game. She wanted to build a significant business. The Kickstarter-funded game tries to simulate faith-based community conversations and connections.

5. How did Shi Qi make TikTok famous?

Shi Qi became popular on TikTok by broadcasting her observations on pupils and her teaching life. She gained a large following with her sincerity and goodness.

6. What’s with Shi Qi’s TikTok video controversy?

Shi Qi was criticised for posting a sponsored video of her rifling through students’ baggage during break. Shi Qi has apologised and removed the video for compromising students’ privacy.

7. Is Shi Qi involved in any other professions besides teaching and content creation?

Besides teaching and content creation, Shi Qi is an entrepreneur. She co-founded the popular But Honestly card game, which encourages meaningful conversations and friendships.

8. What languages can Shi Qi speak?

Shi Qi speaks Malay, Chinese, and English.

9. Has Shi Qi discussed her personal life and relationships?

Shi Qi hasn’t discussed her personal life or relationships. According to the current information, she is “dating someone,” but details are unknown.

10. What are Shi Qi’s future aspirations and projects?

She really wants to create a school and tuition centre. She shares her experience on social media to make a difference through education and content creation.

Let’s wind up

Shi Qi is a multitalented teacher, entrepreneur, and digital influencer. From a privileged upbringing in Malaysia, her journey has been one of inspiration, obstacles, and success.

Over a million TikTok followers are touched by Shi Qi’s teaching. Her honest, healthy content, typically capturing student interactions, has made her popular online.

Shi Qi co-created the But Honestly card game, demonstrating her business flair. The game has grown from its Kickstarter roots to promote genuine interactions worldwide.

Shi Qi, like any famous personality, has faced obstacles, such as TikTok privacy controversies. However, her ability to accept and overcome these problems shows her tenacity and dedication to constructive influence.

Shi Qi has relied on her faith and community throughout her journey. Her desire of creating a school and tuition centre shows her dedication to education and youth.

Shi Qi’s narrative inspires people balancing digital power and personal integrity in social media’s ever-changing world. Shi Qi’s genuineness, entrepreneurial pursuits, and commitment to meaningful connections continue to inspire her followers. Her story is one of growth, adaptability, and a strong dedication to positive change in the virtual and real worlds.

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