Shia Labeouf Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Personal Life, And More

Actor and director Shia LaBeouf networth is $30 million as of 2023. As Steven Spielberg’s protégé, he was DreamWorks franchise champion. Once regarded as the future of film, LaBeouf has attained celebrity, but others say he hasn’t reached his potential. His contributions to movies were well-known.

NameShia LaBeouf
ProfessionAmerican Actor
Net Worth$30 Million
Salary$2 Million +
Monthly Income$0.15 Million +
Yearly Income $2 Million +
Last Updated2023

LaBeouf is known for more than acting. His eccentric, unorthodox approach has made him a drama icon. Initially a kid actor, LaBeouf became a talented character actor over 22 years. His net worth and biography, which includes his marital status, age, height, weight, and more, highlight his rise from child artist to entertainment business star.

Shia LaBeouf Net Worth Growth

Shia LaBeouf’s financial journey has seen a steady rise over the past few years:

2018$20 Million
2019$22 Million
2020$24 Million
2021$26 Million
2022$28 Million
2023$30 Million

Quick Facts

Full name Shia Saide LaBeouf
NicknameShia LaBeouf, Shia La Beouf, Shea LaBeouf, Shia LaBuff, Shia LeBouef 
Birth date Jun 11, 1986 
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, United States 
NationalityUnited States of America
Age36 years old
Zodiac SignGemini
Ethnicity white
FatherJeffrey Craig LaBeouf
MotherShayna Saide
Marital statusUnmarried
SpouseMia Goth (m. 2016)
Famous Foran American actor, performance artist, and filmmaker
Education32nd Street Visual and Performing Arts Magnet, Alexander Hamilton High School
CollegePierce College
ProfessionActor, Film director, Comedian, Voice Actor, Screenwriter, Film Producer

Early life and background

Shia LaBeouf was born in Los Angeles on June 11, 1986. He was lucky to have a talented ballet mother.  This early exposure to artistic pursuits shaped Shia’s creative inclinations.

However, his family faced challenges as his father, a Vietnam War veteran, battled addiction upon returning home. The struggles within the family were palpable, and Shia, during this turmoil, found solace in an unexpected place – in front of the camera.

His entrance into the world of entertainment began with a role in the Disney show “Even Stevens,” where he dedicated three years of his adolescence, from the age of 14 to 17. Shia’s involvement in nearly fifty TV episodes of this series not only provided an escape from his tumultuous personal life but also proved lucrative, earning him over four million dollars.

The turning point came when the renowned director Steven Spielberg noticed Shia’s talent. This recognition led to a pivotal role in “Transformers,” a collaboration that would shape Shia LaBeouf’s career. He then collaborated with Spielberg on many projects, including Indiana Jones. Shia LaBeouf’s rise from a difficult household to the big screen shows his tenacity and art’s ability to transform life’s complications.

Physical Measurement

Shia LaBeouf’s physical attributes are characterized by:

Eye colorHazel
Hair colorDark Brown
Height5’9″, 176cm
Weight72Kg, 158lbs
Shoe Size11US

These details provide a glimpse into the actor’s distinctive features, showcasing a blend of eye-catching characteristics that contribute to his overall persona.

Personal Life

Personal relationships have been a roller coaster for Shia LaBeouf. He loved “Nymphomaniac” actress Mia Goth in 2012. A bizarre Las Vegas wedding with an Elvis lookalike was a scam. The couple filed for divorce in autumn 2018 after LaBeouf acknowledged their marriage on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

In the following years, LaBeouf had high-profile relationships, dating FKA Twigs from 2018 to 2019 and Margaret Qualley from 2020 to 2021. However, the twists in his romantic saga didn’t end there. In February 2022, LaBeouf and Goth reconciled, and the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter, in March of the same year.

Shifting gears to his public persona, LaBeouf emerged as a vocal anti-Trump figure following Donald Trump’s election. He expressed his dissent through an art installation protesting Trump, which faced opposition and was taken down multiple times.

Through his efforts, LaBeouf ran into legal trouble. He was in Georgia jail after being detained for public intoxication in July 2017. His encounters with the legal system continued, with disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing charges at Studio 54 theatre in Manhattan in June 2014.

Acknowledging his struggles, LaBeouf voluntarily entered outpatient treatment for alcoholism after the Studio 54 incident. He pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct in July 2017 after another Savannah arrest. An anger and substance addiction treatment order, a year on probation, and a $1,000 fine followed.

The Career of Shia LaBeouf 

Shia LaBeouf’s journey in the entertainment industry has been marked by a series of noteworthy milestones. His breakout moment came with the Disney show “Even Stevens,” which aired from 2000 to 2003, comprising 65 episodes. LaBeouf won a Daytime Emmy for his stellar performance.

LaBeouf made his film debut in 2007 at 21 with “Disturbia.” His breakthrough smash “Transformers” propelled him to the A-List. He then appeared in “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps,” and two “Transformers” sequels.

LaBeouf walked a red carpet in February 2014 with a paper bag over his face reading “I am not famous anymore.” These actions, it was later revealed, were part of a performance art piece created in collaboration with British artist Luke Turner and Finnish artist Nastja Säde Rönkkö. This marked the beginning of several high-profile performance art projects by the trio, including #IAMSORRY (2014), #ALLMYMOVIES (2015), #TOUCHMYSOUL (2015), #TAKEMEANYWHERE (2016), and HEWILLNOTDIVIDE.US (2017–present).

In the realm of film, LaBeouf showcased his versatility by portraying the iconic tennis player John McEnroe in the 2017 Swedish film “Borg vs McEnroe.” He continued to impress with roles in the 2019 comedy-drama “The Peanut Butter Falcon” and his writing and starring role in “Honey Boy.”

The subsequent years saw LaBeouf in films like “The Tax Collector” and “Pieces of a Woman” in 2020. In 2022, he starred in the Italian-German biographical movie “Padre Pio” and landed a lead role in “Megalopolis.” LaBeouf’s diverse and impactful contributions to both mainstream and independent cinema underscore his enduring influence in the film industry.

Shia LaBeouf Earnings

Shia LaBeouf’s earnings from various film projects highlight the financial success he achieved in the industry:

Transformers: Dark of the Moon$15 Million
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen$5 Million
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps$8 Million
$5 Million$750 Thousand
Surf’s Up$400 Thousand
Bobby$400 Thousand
Disturbia$400 Thousand
Total Earnings$30 Million

These figures showcase the diversity of LaBeouf’s roles and the substantial rewards he reaped throughout his career in the entertainment world.


The pivotal year of 2007 marked a significant upswing in Shia LaBeouf’s financial trajectory, coinciding with his entry into the Transformers franchise.

Securing the lead role of Sam Witwicky in the first Transformers film, LaBeouf’s initial paycheck amounted to $750,000. Given the film’s massive success, this figure may appear low. Transformers earned $709.7 million worldwide, exceeding its $150 million budget.

LaBeouf’s earnings grew with the series. He earned $5 million for the second picture and $15 million for the third. However, the star skipped the fourth installment, saving $15 million. His reported request for $18 million was denied, resulting in a total earnings sum of $20.75 million from the Transformers series before accounting for taxes.

This financial trajectory illustrates LaBeouf’s involvement in a blockbuster franchise, where early remuneration might pale in comparison to movie revenue.

Transformers: Fallen Revenge

Two years after Transformers’ success, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was released. After Shia LaBeouf’s vehicle accident, filming was postponed to allow for rehabilitation.

The film earned poor reviews and a Razzie Award nomination for Worst Screen Couple with Megan Fox, although it did well at the box office. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen generated $836.3 million on a $200 million budget amid mixed reviews.

LaBeouf made $8 million in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps the next year. Personal struggles and high-profile film roles defined LaBeouf’s career.

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull Kingdom

In “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.” (2008), Shia LaBeouf portrays Indiana Jones’ son. Featuring Harrison Ford, the picture earned mixed reviews from critics and fans.

The film was a financial success despite mixed reviews. The $185 million picture “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” grossed nearly $790 million worldwide, making it LaBeouf’s third-highest career gross. This highlights the Indiana Jones franchise’s commercial success and LaBeouf’s continuous engagement in blockbusters.

Dark of the Moon Transformers

In 2011, “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” improved Shia LaBeouf’s finances.

Film star LaBeouf reportedly made $15 million. This picture, which cost $195 million, grossed over $1.1 billion worldwide as of 2022, making it LaBeouf’s highest-grossing. This achievement underscores both the continued success of the Transformers franchise and LaBeouf’s pivotal role in its lucrative cinematic endeavors.


In 2014, Shia LaBeouf, Brad Pitt, and Logan Lerman starred in “Fury.” After another successful performance, commentators praised LaBeouf. He said he became a Christian while filming this movie.

LaBeouf’s “Fury” was a box office hit and critical acclaim. With a production budget of $68 million, the film went on to generate $211.8 million, highlighting both the artistic recognition of LaBeouf and the film’s commercial triumph.

Peanut Butter Falcon 

In 2019, Shia LaBeouf collaborated with Dakota Johnson in the independent comedy-drama “Peanut Butter Falcon.” The film was critically lauded and unexpectedly profitable. Despite a $6.2 million budget, the film grossed nearly $133 million worldwide. This achievement shows the film’s significance and LaBeouf’s ability to contribute to critically and financially successful ventures.

Honey Boy

In the same year, Shia LaBeouf took on the role of James Lort in “Honey Boy,” a film for which he also served as the writer. The screenplay was a personal endeavor, drawing inspiration from his father. LaBeouf’s portrayal earned him multiple Best Supporting Actor nominations, while his writing skills garnered additional acclaim with nominations for the screenplay.

The $3.5 million picture opened at Sundance and was soon picked up by Amazon for distribution. By November 2019, “Honey Boy” became available on Amazon Prime Video, marking a successful journey from its festival debut to widespread accessibility on a popular streaming platform.

Plagiarism Issues

In late 2013, Shia LaBeouf faced allegations of plagiarism concerning his internet-based short film, “Howard” Shortly after the film’s online release, bloggers noticed striking similarities to Dan Clowes’ 2007 comic, “Justin M. Damiano.” Following public scrutiny, LaBeouf promptly removed the film, expressing that the resemblance to Clowes’ work was unintentional.

The discovery of this plagiarism prompted a reevaluation of LaBeouf’s previous works. Notably, both of his graphic novels, “Stale N Mate” and “Let’s Fucking Party,” were found to contain passages lifted from other works – “Assault” by Charles Bukowski and “The Little Girl and the Cigarette” by Benoit Duteurtre, respectively.

In 2014, LaBeouf addressed these allegations, arguing that copyright rules were excessively restrictive, hindering the free exchange of ideas. He took to Twitter to discuss his upcoming comic, “Daniel Boring,” an evident nod to Clowes’ “David Boring” comic. However, even this endeavor faced criticism, as the story’s summary was deemed a direct replica of Clowes’ original work. Clowes’ legal team issued a cease-and-desist letter to LaBeouf, which he shared on Twitter, further highlighting the controversy surrounding his artistic practices.

Achievements and Failures

In the entertainment sector, Shia LaBeouf has had successes and failures. He has starred in blockbusters and highly praised films, demonstrating his versatility. His unpredictability on set has cost him opportunities. Although he struggled, his performance in “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” was one of his greatest. Many say he may become Hollywood’s next big thing if he controls his desires.

Real Estate

In March 2020, Shia invested $5.475 million in a stunning residence located in Pasadena, California. He bought a Sherman Oaks property for $1.8 million in 2009. His property sold for $2.4 million in September 2020 after he listed it for $2.25 million in July 2020. LaBeouf previously bought a Pasadena property for $5.475 million.

Shia said in 2019 that “The Peanut Butter Falcon.” rekindled his love of acting. After that, he returned to performing and filmmaking. He starred in “Pieces of a Woman” and co-wrote “Honey Boy.” An Italian saint film will include him as Padre Pio.

Shia Labeouf social media

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Social Media PlatformLink

FAQs about shia labeouf net worth

1. What is Shia LaBeouf net worth?

Shia LaBeouf probably made $30 million in 2023.

2. How did LaBeouf begin acting?

Children’s show “Even Stevens,” where Shia LaBeouf earned almost $4 million in three years, launched his acting career.

3. What did “Transformers” star Shia LaBeouf make?

Shia LaBeouf earns $750,000, $5 million, and $15 million in “Transformers” flicks. He declined the fourth film, wanting $18 million, collecting $20.75 million from the franchise.

4. Has LaBeouf had any career controversies?

Shia LaBeouf received plagiarism accusations for his short film “Howard” He also has multiple disorderly conduct arrests due to his anti-Trump stance.

5. Where does Shia LaBeouf invest in property?

LaBeouf bought a Pasadena property for $5.475 million in March 2020. The $1.8 million Sherman Oaks property he bought in 2009 sold for $2.4 million in 2020.

6. What are Shia LaBeouf’s plans?

LaBeouf returned to acting in “Pieces of a Woman” and “Honey Boy.” He will lead “Megalopolis.” and play Padre Pio in a biopic of the Italian saint.

Final Words

Two decades of roles, scandals, and personal struggles have earned Shia LaBeouf $30 million. Starting with Disney’s “Even Stevens,” LaBeouf became famous in “Transformers” and “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.”  LaBeouf’s persistence and acting talent have earned him Hollywood fame despite plagiarism claims and legal difficulties.

His financial wealth comes from successful film projects and smart real estate investments. LaBeouf’s comeback to acting with “Pieces of a Woman” and “Honey Boy” shows his passion for the trade and is promising. Shia LaBeouf’s net worth reflects his career’s ups and downs as he struggles with personal issues and unorthodox choices.

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