Mastering the Trace Escape Room: A Comprehensive Walkthrough Guide

“Trace” on Cool Math Games is a free online escape room game where you’re placed in an unfamiliar location and must find a way to escape. Similar to games like Escape Simulator, you’ll start with a few items and clues in your inventory. To advance, you’ll need to gather more items and solve puzzles. If you’re looking for guidance on how to conquer the Trace escape room on Cool Math Games, you can find a trace walkthroughand answers below.

How to beat Trace Walkthrough Guide

To successfully navigate through the Trace escape room, understanding how the clicking mechanism operates is crucial. In contrast to typical point-and-click games where you might receive hints by hovering over elements in the scenes, here, you must physically click on an area to zoom in, sometimes requiring multiple clicks. This action allows you to interact with objects. It’s worth noting that there are no visible on-screen pointers. Once you’ve acquired an item in your inventory, you can select the magnifying glass icon beside it to uncover possible clues.

The Washroom

To progress in the game, start by retrieving the half of the scissors from the sink. Next, input the code 5472 into the safe hidden behind the picture frame. This way, you can bypass the need to search for the combination. This action will reveal a lightbulb, which should be placed inside the pumpkin found in the cabinet to the left of the toilet. Beneath the sink, in the other cabinet, you’ll discover a red tile with a key motif. This key is used to unlock a sliding puzzle on the bathroom door.

Arrange the puzzle pieces strategically so that all the yellow and green pieces are situated on the right side of the puzzle. Then, slide the red piece over the green lock square to unlock the door and exit the initial room.

The Small Patio

Make sure to keep any items you come across, like the vampire figure and the metal star, in your inventory. Arrange the black cubes in the specified order: from left to right, top to bottom, place the hanging cube, followed by the tall pot, tall plant, and finally, the painting. Press the red button to receive a metal star. Return to the giraffe puzzle window and complete it once more to acquire an additional battery. You’ll also find a metal star beside the mini piano.

Head back to the patio area and locate the metal star under a table. Additionally, there are six jigsaw puzzle pieces here, with one missing that you’ll need to retrieve from inside. You can solve a heart-shaped puzzle made of black and red pieces by using your knife on the carpet.

Now, you can embellish your heart-shaped lamps with arrows by inserting batteries. Click the button to unveil a puzzle piece and a submarine, both of which should be placed into the fish tank. Use the black hearts to indicate the correct direction.

To obtain a pentagon key hidden behind a panel on the side of the couch, use your utility knife to open it. Enter the numbers 9, 2, and 3 correctly to access the computer. After the computer activates, use the submarine by clicking on the water bowl. The code it provides is 26336 6161.

The House

Start by discovering the metal star beneath the couch, along with a battery and an ogre figurine near the plant. Bring along the blue tin horse and the other metal star attached to the painting. Open the cabinet under the window and arrange the puzzle inside in a pattern of low, high, middle, high middle. When you press the button, a broken metal table will appear, which you should also take.

Proceed down the hall and return to the bathroom to retrieve the tin horse. Apply it to the image in front of the window, and adjust the horse’s neck until it aligns with the maze. Press the button on the giraffe to obtain the final piece for your broken metal tablet.

Finally, activate the tall artwork in front of the stall entrance. If the metal tablet matches the puzzle, you’ll find a red button on it. Press the red buttons in the following sequence throughout the room:

  • The button on the computer
  • The button on the fish tank
  • Fan of the shell.
  • Behind the puzzle’s painting
  • In the plant puzzle box
  • Finally, on the small grey box

If you execute each step correctly, the box will open, revealing a green knife and key. Use this key to unlock the patio door.

The Computer

To proceed, start by logging into the computer. Next, command your robot to cross the bridge and examine a series of symbols, which include circles, squares, triangles, stars, squares, and circles. Use your submarine to decipher the inverse of the number code you found earlier: “I DID DEEDS”. Then, input this phrase into the machine inside the flower table drawer.

Return to the tower’s main room through the door and retrieve the dragon figure it provided. Go to the far wall and use the pinboard to recreate your drawing from the porch chair in the previous section.

Now, for the eight-line puzzle, turn off the lights in the sequence 12356784. This will reveal an image of a stone plinth once again. Place each of your four figurines on the corresponding plinth below. Keep in mind that the phoenix is linked to fire and wings, while the vampire is associated with bat wings and fangs.

Make sure the dragon is positioned at the center of the plinth. Upon completion, you’ll receive a screwdriver as a reward. With the symbols in hand, return to the tower’s upper level and use them on the bridge you saw through the robot’s eyes.

The Tower

Enter the code to unlock the door panel. Return to the computer after using your last star. Open the fish tank drawers in the order of X, O, X, O. Grab a magnet from the U drawer to solve the hearts puzzle.

Arrange stars on the panel like Sudoku, ensuring no adjacent stars in rows or columns. Enter the tower now that the door’s unlocked. Inside, you’ll spot a small table with red flowers. Above it, adjust buttons to down arrow, s, jagged line, d, and x.

Use the umbrella’s key to reveal a phoenix figure and a hidden passage. Take the robot hanging in the tower, then head upstairs. Look out the window near the stairs for the words “CABBAGE FACED.”

Open the umbrella on the porch to reveal an image on the swing. Snap a photo and attach the robot to a kite string outside. Return to the small piano and play “CABBAGE FACED.” Find the piano note order online if needed. It’ll unveil a robotic arm. Attach it to the submarine using the computer.

How to Solve Trace on Cool Math Games Final Part

The final step is the trickiest one. Use the screwdriver to remove the metal panel from the fan’s shelf. The six symbols spell out “password” as “0-|-“. With this code, you can access the Tower section on the computer. This will also grant you full access to Mathemagic. After completing this step, you’ll be able to match the signs to their corresponding mathematical operations.

Now, use this knowledge to open the safe below and retrieve the sequel to “Adventures of a Wayward Cosmonaut”. Remember the launch year, 2793, and the colors of the planets mentioned in each book. Capture a screenshot of the image displayed by the machine upstairs after entering this 4-digit number. Then, go back to the pyramid shape outside the window.

Press only the triangle points indicated in your screenshot. The pyramid will open, and a key will drop out. Combine this key with your pentagon key to unlock the toilet’s lid, revealing a passage to freedom. You’ve done exceptionally well, evader!

Final Words

Congratulations on successfully completing the Trace escape room! Your determination and puzzle-solving skills have paid off, allowing you to conquer each challenging room and ultimately find your way to freedom. Remember, every click and interaction in Trace is crucial, and understanding the game’s unique mechanics is key to success. With this comprehensive walkthrough, you’ve demonstrated a keen ability to navigate through the game’s intricacies.

May this guide serve as an invaluable resource for fellow adventurers looking to conquer the Trace escape room on Cool Math Games. Armed with this walkthrough, players can confidently tackle each room, gather crucial items, and solve complex puzzles. Players have all they need to escape thanks to your thorough instructions and step-by-step coaching.

Your perseverance and resourcefulness have made you a Trace escape room master. Now, armed with this walkthrough, others can follow in your footsteps and experience the thrill of escaping from this mysterious location. Well done, and may you continue to excel in your future gaming endeavors!

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q1: What is Trace on Cool Math Games?

A1: Trace is a free online escape room game hosted on Cool Math Games. In this game, players find themselves in an unfamiliar location and must solve puzzles to escape.

Q2: How does the clicking mechanism work in Trace?

A2: Unlike typical point-and-click games, Trace requires players to physically click on an area to interact with objects. There are no visible on-screen pointers, and sometimes multiple clicks may be necessary to zoom in or interact with certain elements.

Q3: What are some key items and clues in the Washroom section?

A3: In the Washroom, players will find half of the scissors in the sink, a code (5472) to unlock the safe behind the picture frame, a lightbulb, and a red tile with a key motif under the sink, among other items.

Q4: How do I solve the sliding puzzle on the bathroom door?

A4: Arrange the puzzle pieces so that all the yellow and green pieces are on the right side. Then, slide the red piece over the green lock square to unlock the door.

Q5: What items are crucial in the Small Patio section?

A5: Important items in the Small Patio include a vampire figure, a metal star, black cubes, jigsaw puzzle pieces, and a pentagon key.

Q6: How do I activate the computer and what is the code?

A6: Use your utility knife to open the panel on the side of the couch to get the pentagon key. Enter the numbers 9, 2, and 3 correctly to access the computer. The code from the submarine is 26336 6161.

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